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  • Bare Escentuals Cupcake Glimpse: Milani Illusion

  • Bare Escentuals Queen Tiffany: Milani Java Bean

  • Bare Escentuals Socialite glimmer: Milani Clover

  • Benefit Lemon-aid: Jane Dream Cream

  • Bobbi Brown Pale Pink: Clinique Pillowtalk Smudgesicle

  • Cargo Nepal: Milani Flare

  • Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish : Collection 2000 Lemon Sosa

  • Clinique Bronze Satin Shadow: Covergirl Tapestry Taupe

  • Clinique Golden Lynx: Covergirl Glazed Ginger

  • Clinique Silver Lining (pink): Jane It's A Girl, ULTA Love

  • Clinique Strawberry Fudge (pink): Milani Illusion

  • Dior GoldFusion: MAC Gorgeous Gold, L'oreal Enlightened Emerald

  • Garden Botanika "Bronze" shadow: Jane Sungloss

  • Lancome Un Taxi Mauve: Prestige UVA

  • Lancome Riot: Jane Deeply Green

  • Lancome Contrast: MAC Nocturnelle

  • Lancome Golden Sun: Covergirl Burnished Gold

  • Laura Mercier Cognac: Milani Spice

  • Laura Mercier Whiskey: Prestige Sandalwood

  • Lorac Serenity: NYX Sahara Ultrapearl

  • L'Oreal HIP Saucy: Milani Sun Goddess/Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, Milani Java Bean

  • Loose Shadow in Eye-Tech

  • Philosophy Prosperity: Urban Decay Floormat
  •  L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Burning Black = r Armani Eyes to Kill in No. 2 Lust Red

  • Tarte Real McCoy: mark. minx

  • Trucco C-Note: Milani Clover

  • Too Faced Fantasy Island Duo (Blue): ULTA Luna

  • ULTA Love: Jane It's A Girl

  • NARS Dupe List II

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  • NARS Ashes to Ashes: Maybelline Silken Taupe

  • NARS Night Fairy: Prestige Uva, Hard Candy Star

  • NARS Tibet: Ben Nye Pearl Shine eyeshadow

  • Shu Uemura Dupe List

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    Shu Uemura Dupe List

  • Shu ME 945: Caboodles Smooth

  • Shu ME945: Majolica Majorca SV821

  • Shu P Brown 76: Flirt Oh Please!

  • Stila Dupe List II

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     Stila Dupe List

  • Stila Barefoot Contessa: Prestige Spark, Jane Magic Mushroom

  • Stila Go Lightly: Milani Golden Bronze

  • Stila Grace: Ulta Plum Smoke

  • Stila Heath: Prestige Sandalwood

  • Stila Holly Golightly: Milani Golden Bronze, Jane Magical Mushroom

  • Stila Jezebel: Garden Botanika "Mimosa"

  • Stila Kitten: Wet n Wild Fine Wink, CoverGirl Champagne Eye Enhansers shadow, Sally Girl Silver Lining, ULTA Bermuda Sand

  • Stila Pigalle: ULTA Chianti

  • Stila Ray: Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba

  • Stila Sun: Prestige Champagne

  • Stila Twig: Milani Spice 

  • Stila Champagne Glow Trio : BeautyUK Earth Bakes Eye Shadow


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  • Urban Decay Acid Rain: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist

  • Urban Decay Asphyxia: MAC Parfait Amour, Milani Enchantment

  • Urban Decay Chains: Milani Antique Gold

  • Urban Decay Face Case: Fira Face Case, Wet Seal Face Case

  • Urban Decay Green Goddess: ULTA Mist

  • Urban Decay Grifter: Prestige Uva

  • Urban Decay Hotpants: Prestige Love

  • Urban Decay Lounge: Physician's Formula Down To Earth

  • Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy: Milani Sheer Sand, Sephora Old Rose; Cover Girl Bedazzled Biscotti

  • Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl: Prestige in Glisten

  • Urban Decay Mildew: Prestige Iguana

  • Urban Decay Oilslick: Covergirl Shimmering Onyx, Milani Storm, Jane Clubbing, Presige Ink

  • Urban Decay Polyester Bride: Prestige in Glisten

  • Urban Decay Roach: Max Factor Sable

  • Urban Decay Roadstripe: Milani Moonlight

  • Urban Decay Rust: Prestige in Melba

  • Urban Decay Shattered: Naturistics in Azure

  • Urban Decay X: Ulta Sunlight, Ulta Sunburst, MAC in Jest



    • MAC All That Glitters = NYX Champagne 
    • MAC Charcoal Brown = NYX Dark Brown
    • MAC Humid = NYX Mermaid Green
    • MAC Shadesticks: NYX Eyeshadow Wands
    • MAC Amber Lights: Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, L'Oreal HIP Saucy
    • MAC Aquadisiac: Jane Millionare

  • MAC Atlas: ULTA Silk
  • MAC Satin Lipstick Cherish : Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate 03

  • MAC Bamboo: Wild and Crazy Wild Guava

  • MAC Banshee: Milani Spice

  • MAC Beautiful Iris: ULTA Iris

  • MAC Black Tied: Covergirl Shimmering Onyx, Milani Storm, Jane Clubbing

  • MAC Blue Noir: Prestige in Ink

  • MAC Brill: Wild & Crazy Bahama Water

  • MAC Brule: Milani Almondine

  • MAC Camel: Revlon Pro Bamboo

  • MAC Coco: NYX Beanie

  • MAC Cork: M Professinals Soft Brown Eyeshadow, Covergirl Swiss Chocolate

  • MAC Cornflower: Physician's Formula Virtual Eyes Loose Shadow in Eye-Tech

  • MAC Coquette: Almay Khaki Eye Gel

  • MAC Creme de Violet: ULTA Iris

  • MAC Crystal: L'Oreal Beauty Queen On-the-Loose

  • MAC D'Bohemia: Wild and Crazy Crazy on You, ULTA Knit

  • MAC Dazzleray Pigment: NYC Loose Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne

  • MAC Dark Soul pigment: Jane clubbing
  • MAC Deep Truth: Loreal On the Loose in Night Fever

  • MAC Dementhe: Milani Clover

  • MAC Electra: Jane Hi Ho Silver

  • MAC Electric Eel: Milani Atlantis

  • MAC Embark: Jane Brownie Points, Flirt! Coconutty

  • MAC Guacamole: Milani Limbo Lime

  • MAC Goldmine: Prestige Golden Retriever

  • MAC Gorgeous Gold: L'oreal's Enlightened Emerald Duo, Dior GoldFusion

  • MAC Glare: Prestige Golden Sun, ULTA Silk

  • MAC Hepcat: Prestige Blossom

  • MAC Humid: Milani Clover, WnW Sensual Sage

  • MAC Hypnotique: Prestige Saturn

  • MAC Jest: Milani Peachy Peach, Maybelline Pink Sands, ULTA Bermuda Sand

  • MAC Jewel Blue: Jane Eye Zing in Surfer Girl

  • MAC Juxt: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist, Jane Rain Forest, ULTA Mist, Jane Sage

  • MAC Kicky Blue: L'Oreal Holographic Blue

  • MAC Leisure Time: L'Oreal OTL in Flash Light

  • MAC Little Madame: Milani Illusion

  • MAC Lucky Green: Wild and Crazy Marquis

  • MAC Medowland: L'Oreal Wear Infinite in Glistening Sea

  • MAC Melody: Jane Millionare

  • MAC Metamorph: Rimmel Hope

  • MAC Midnight Blue: Jane Blue Jeans, Prestige Horizon

  • MAC Mulch: Milani Java Bean, L'oreal HIP in Saucy
  • MAC Naked Lunch: Wet n' Wild Fine Wink

  • MAC Nocturnelle: Milani Shock, Lancome Contrast

  • MAC Nylon: Milani Classic Beige, TooFaced Glamazon

  • MAC Paradisco: Flirt! Feeling Hot

  • MAC Parfait Amour: Milani Enchantment

  • MAC Parrot: ULTA Deep Sea, L'oreal HIP in Showy

  • MAC Perverted Pearl: Milani Silver Bullet

  • MAC Pink Freeze: Prestige Ballet, Milani Taffy, Cover Girl Pink Chiffon

  • MAC Pink Source: Milani Taffy

  • MAC Pink Venus: Milani Taffy

  • MAC Quarry: Prestige Sandalwood

  • MAC Rose: Prestige in Flushed

  • MAC Rose Pro: Jame Prom Queen

  • MAC Sable: Milani Java Bean

  • MAC Satin Taupe: Maybelline Silken Taupe, Rimmel Strength, ULTA Twilight

  • MAC Shale: Milani Icy Plum

  • MAC Shimmermoss: ULTA Luna

  • MAC Silver: Milani in Mercury
  • MAC Sketch: Milani Marooned

  • MAC Shadowy Lady: Milani Marooned

  • MAC Shroom: Jordana Beige, Jane Magic Mushroom, Wet 'n Wild Flirt Shimmer Stick

  • MAC Soba: ULTA Toast

  • MAC Sprout: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist

  • MAC Steamy: Milani Clover, ULTA Luna

  • MAC Sumptuous Olive: Milani Antique Gold, ULTA Golden Olive
  • MAC Sushi Flower: Prestige in Love

  • MAC Swish: Prestige Love

  • MAC Tilt: YSL Duo ???

  • MAC Trax: Prestige Flushed, Flirt! Glamourazzi, Milani Desire

  • MAC Unreally Blue: Milani Blue Jeans

  • MAC Vanilla: Philosophy Serenity, Wild and Crazy Mist Over Me 3110, Milani Snow Frost

  • MAC Vapor: Prestige Chilly

  • MAC Vellum: M Professionals Opalescent White, Wild and Crazy Lily Song, Milani Moonlight, Max Factor Spotlight Sparkle

  • MAC Vex: Max Factor Mint Matinee

  • MAC Wedge: M Professionals Taupe

  • MAC Woodwinked: Milani Golden Bronze

  • By Terry Mascara Blackstar

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     Mascara Blackstar

    By Terry
    Mascara Blacksta
    Mascara Blackstar is an ultra-volume & maxi-length Multicare Formula with “Keratin-Like” Micro-Extenders, and a plumping-stretching lash-effect. Their complementary actions, combined with Carnauba wax and Jojoba oil, result in a lash-by-lash extension gel. Coated, strengthened, thickened and lengthened, your lashes are plumped up as if by magic and visibly fuller – as if you’ve just applied false lashes
    Plumps and lengthens lashes Conditioning treatment and mascara in one Carnauba wax and jojoba oil deliver lash-by-lash extension Revitalizing formula

    Antonia's Flowers Tiempe Passate

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     Antonia's Flowers Tiempe Passate

    Tiempe Passate, named after a love song Antonia's grandfather wrote in 1920 - inspired by old world perfumery notes, Tiempe Passate is above all else a sensual skin fragrance.

    Cedarwood, amber, bergamot, montauk rose (named for its ""saltiness"") and clementine (for sparkle) combine to create a modern classic Eau de Parfum. Available in 2 ounce custom bottle only, inside a hand-made set box. Stopper and pump included

    I have never used this perfume, i met this nice fragrance when i was messing fragrances in Space NK, i just see a nice bottle and it has a nobility on the way it looks, i give it a go and i tested it, but i did not buy as i had 3 more bottle of fragrances still waiting me to finish, i told her i promise i will come back and buy you, it was so hard to leave her on the counter and go back home,

    i love floral fragrances and bergamot makes a big difference in a fragrance
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