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too faced pure bronze

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  • Pure minerals & real crushed fresh water pearls
  • Gives a natural flawless tan all year long
  • Pure illuminating pigments are activated by skin

Paul & Joe Protective Powder Compact Foundation

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  • p4
  • Protective powder compact foundation by Paul & Joe
  • Richly moisturising and fine soft touch, hides pores
  • Creates a ‘nude’ finish with lustre and resilience
  • The foundation has good affinity with skin and fits snugly because it contains a large quantity of ”PL powder”, which is cover powder coated with phosphatide (the same ingredient as biological film.) And because it doesn’t stick to sweat or sebum, it prevents make-up from wearing off and the colour from becoming dull
    Using strictly selected oils that cling snugly to skin, reducing the total amount of oil solution as much as possible
    The product stays on without leaving a sticky feel. Also the newly formulated “amorphous powder” has been processed with oil solution to cling more tightly to skin
    Paul & Joe formulated “UV reduction plate powder” so that users can feel a non-chalky moist touch. Because the “UV reduction plate” powder” is oil-coated, its roughness is removed, providing a moisturising soft touch. Highly resilient to sweat and sebum, the powder clings tightly to the skin
    00 Alabaster A transparent shade for porcelain skin
    10 Ivory A light ochre that gives skin a clear, pure look with no hint of redness
    20 Fresh A light pink that gives skin a soft look like one’s natural complexion
    30 Clear A medium ochre that hides red or yellow undertones and gives skin a clear look
    31 Latte A medium pink that gives skin a natural rosiness
    40 Almond A medium natural shade that calms redness and gives skin a healthy, radiant look

Ole Henriksen Fresh Lips

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Ole Henriksen Celebrity fans:
Paris, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron & Katy Perry.
This paraben-free formula provides essential protection to heal and nourish your lips.
Contains cocoa butter, a natural emollient that offers protection and skin conditioning; menthol to enhance circulation, purify and energise; salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid with keratolitic action to slough off excess dead skin cells and increase cell renewal, whilst purifying the skin; and anti-oxidant vitamin E to heal, soothe, protect and nourish.


  • Moisturising, deliciously flavoured SPF 15 lip balm
  • Perfect for all skin types it protects, hydrates and plumps
  • Enhance circulation while promoting glossy, sexy lips
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