'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 23 November 2013 //


Chic Choc Holiday 2013 Nail Polish Collection

CHIC CHOC offers this Christmas ,
New six-color nail polish collection, including such as winter streets shrouded in clouds of gray smoke impression fingertips will paint a sense of elegance Smoked bare skin, like the streets in winter warmth light smoky orange, winter street exudes stylish atmosphere 
smoky brown, winter garden, smoky lavender purple, like Ling smoked pure forest green. Each color exudes both saturated colors, this season was filled with special emphasis fingertips winter atmosphere and would have smoked a sense of romance, but let the nail polish is more embellished fingertip winter fashion charm. In addition, collagen ingredient added to give tender loving care fingertips, so beautiful hands while extra points from harm. Quick-drying, long-lasting beautiful color, bright, full of glossy winter means smoked color!

Victoria's Secret Angel Dream Collection

Victoria's Secret Angel Collection Holiday 2013

Sampar Masque Source de Nuit Reviews

Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask is a sleep in mask, and I always believed why washing off the mask which is good for your skin and Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask supports the idea I believe.

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