'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 20 November 2013 //


The Joy of Christmas Shopping

 I love shopping, (especially on Christmas time ) tell me a women who doesn't!! So I was sitting in front of my notebook and just surfing on internet looking for possible gifts to buy for my self :))  and for my loved ones. Better than going in and out of the shops, and suffering from leg aches all night..

Marks & Spencer Pure Skincare Plus Miracle Balm Reviews

Marks & Spencer Pure Skincare Plus Miracle Balm Reviews

This cream smells amazing, love it.. 
This is a multi-purpose balm, so you can use it as a cleanser, time to time I used it to clean up my makeup, i just apply the balm all over my face and gently clean it with a cotton pad, if it is a heavy makeup, you need few cottons to remove it completely, or you can wash your face with your regular face wash and use this as cleansing milk to remove the makeup which might be still on your face,  that would be the best to do. 
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