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Face Makeup Must Have's

This post will be about budget friendly brands. 

On my next post I will post on the high end products like MAC, NARS, Guerlain & Lancome etc.

Let's start with primers. 

We will go along the list,



Hair Care Jargon

Hair care jargon buster

From balayage to bouffant, hair care and styling has never been more confusing.

The hair industry is bigger than ever and with London Fashion Week just around the corner, certain styles are getting people talking – but do they know what they are talking about?


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 210 Reviews

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 210 Reviews

I've bought two bottles of this foundation and I'm quite impressed. It is not a full or medium coverage foundation but it is really easy to make it medium- full coverage without making it too cakey.


NYX Round Lipstick Milan Swatches

NYX Round Lipstick Milan Swatches


The Body Shop Colour Crush Eye Shadow Sunshine Love

I dive into TBS today to see if they have anything new, and i end up buying few products from the new line, and this eye shadow. 


Best Party Make-up Tips

It’s not always easy to make the transition between your good old reliable “daytime make-up” and something which will really dazzle on the party scene, particularly if you won’t have a lot of time to make the switch.
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