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Best Party Make-up Tips

It’s not always easy to make the transition between your good old reliable “daytime make-up” and something which will really dazzle on the party scene, particularly if you won’t have a lot of time to make the switch.

Here are a few tips about how to achieve the perfect party make-up which will keep looking fabulous until the wee small hours so put your make up bags away girls  – you won’t need to do too much touching up if you do a good job in the first place.

1 – Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your face. You can’t paint a beautiful picture on a rough or dirty canvass. Gently cleanse your face, exfoliate and moisturize to create the perfect foundation.

2 – Blot excess oil and smooth your skin with a pre-application cream. This should be a tone lighter than the foundation you will use. Dot beneath the eyes and blend it in with a clean sponge.

3 – Next it’s time to conceal blotches, acne and other skin discolorations. Choose a discreet concealer which is of a similar hue to your natural skin color.

4 – Now you can apply your foundation to even out any red areas. Choose foundation which is as close to your natural skin tone as possible and apply gently to give your complexion a flawless, creamy appearance. Blend into your whole face and neck using a make-up sponge.

5 – Now you can start to work on your eyes. It’s a good idea to choose three colors, one dark, one medium and one light, all different shades of the same color. Apply the darkest color thinly just above your eyelashes, use the medium shade in the middle so that it just blends with the darker color and the lighter shade below your eyebrows. This will really help your party eyes to stand out.

6 – Next you can apply your eyeliner. You can use a cake liner and brush or kohl pencil. Line right the way along your upper lid but only around two thirds distance on your lower lid, which should be plenty.

7 – Now your eyes should be ready for the final touches – the mascara. Apply two thin coats to avoid clumping on both the upper and lower lashes. People with dark hair can choose either black or brown mascara but those with fairer hair should stick to brown. There are some vibrant blues and purples around these days but they don’t give the best overall look for your party face unless you have opted for similar colored shadows.

8 – You should now turn your attention to your cheeks – and smile! Brush gently in small circles and blend it well. Be careful not to apply too much so that you look like a painted doll. Remember you can always add a little more color but it can be difficult to take some of it away.

9 – Choose a lipstick which suits your natural skin tone and apply to both lips before clamping your lips together for an even, balanced look. It’s fine to mix colors and textures if you want to. Remember that if you choose dramatic eye shadows with lots of dazzle and sparkle you should keep the lips quite subdued and vice versa. If you choose muted eye shadows for a natural look you can really go to town on some dramatic lip color.

10 – Line your lips to avoid the lipstick from creasing. Make sure that you use a thin line and don’t try to mix dark lip-liner with a very pale colored lipstick – it won’t work.

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