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Hair Care : Zero Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout Zero


what makes Brazilian Blowout ZERO different from other professional smoothing treatments on the market?

Most professional smoothing treatments are formulated using a methylene glycol based bonding system.

Brazilian Blowout ZERO is formulated with a breakthrough Plant-Derived KeraSafe Bonding System. This bonding system releases 0% Formaldehyde before, during or after the in-salon smoothing treatment.

What is KeraSafe?

KeraSafe is a proprietary blend of ingredients combining the original Brazilian Blowout Super Nutrient Complex, rich with powerful smoothing ingredients such as camu camu and annatto seed, with a highly innovative Plant-Derived Bonding System that effectively smoothes and seals the cuticle by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and promote shine.

How does Brazilian Blowout ZERO perform compared to the original Brazilian Blowout?

  • ZERO difference in performance.
  • Same smooth, frizz-free hair in 90 minutes.
  • Same process with zero downtime.
  • Same incredible results for up to 12 weeks.
  • Same deep conditioning and radiant shine.
  • Same improvement in overall health of the hair.
  • Same Acai Aftercare Products

Is the in-salon ZERO treatment performed the same way as the original Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment?

YES! The application and treatment process are exactly the same for Brazilian Blowout ZERO as for the original Brazilian Blowout treatment, and the end-result is the same as well!

Are you discontinuing the original Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Solution?

Absolutely not! The original Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatment will continue to be offered based on ever-increasing demand for the product.

Why did you choose to launch Brazilian Blowout ZERO if you are confident about the safety and integrity of the original Brazilian Blowout solution?

We remain 100% confident with regards to the safety and integrity of the original BB treatment and will continue to sell this product as it remains incredibly popular throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Brazilian Blowout ZERO is a NEW Professional Smoothing Treatment alternative that utilizes a plant-derived bonding system.

A number of stylists and consumers may feel more comfortable using this system as a personal preference.

Color Club Ms Socialite Swatches


Face Charts : MAC for Emilio Pucci & C’N'C Costume National Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011

MAC designed both edgy, minimalist makeup to complement the fashions seen at Emilio Pucci and Costume National for Fall 2011 Runway during Milan Fall Fashion Week.  Keep reading to see the MAC Cosmetics face chart and makeup breakdown for the Emilio Pucci and Costume National  Fall 2011 Show!


“She’s still Pucci’s sexy girl, but this season she’s got more power and toughness to her,” says Makeup Artist Lisa Butler on the makeup look, “it’s a bit of a warrior-like green messy eye, so she’s cool, not trying hard. It references Charlotte Rampling and Kate Moss — not in the way they look, but more their sexy, raw attitude.”

The Breakdown


Butler applied MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder on the waterline of lower lashes. She also blended MAC Eye Kohl in Tarnish and blended it out straight out. She made lashes feathery and fanned with MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara in Black, and groomed brows with MAC Clear Brow Set.


MAC Studio Finish Concealer was applied over the skin only where needed for a natural finish. Butler blended MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush and Posey together across the cheeks for a flush. She highlighted the skin with MAC Cream Color Base in Luna and Pearl.


Butler hydrated and conditioned the lips with MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 and dabbed the tiniest amount of MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town on the inside of the lips to look more modern than retro-beige.


“The label is always very young, very urban, very direted by music…” says Makeup Artist Lyne Desnoyers, “yet this season w’re flirting with 60′s minimalism with a gorgeous take on beiges and matte textures enlivened with a little gloss.”

The Breakdown


Makeup Artist Lyne Desnoyers applied MAC Pro Gloss Texture along the lash line, and groomed the lashes with MAC Clear Brow Set.


Desnoyers mixed MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer with moisturizer in varying consistencies to create a perfected, yet still real skin. Then Lyne patted MAC Pro Gloss Texture on top of the cheekbones, bridge of nose, and cupid’s bow.


Prepping the lips with MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15, she then applied MAC Glamglass in Have to Have It (available autumn/winter 2011) and worked it into the lips as perfectly as if it were a bright red, only to create a chic matte nude.

Backstage Beauty : Rampling Meets Pallenberg at Chloé Backstage for Chloé Fall 2011



A mix between Charlotte Rampling and Anita Pallenberg inspired the makeup at Chloé, according to Charlotte Tilbury for MAC Cosmetics.
Tilbury used a tiny bit of concealer mixed in and blended out over models’ faces, plus a bronzer on their cheekbones and noses.

She’s been on the hippy trail, this girl,” said Tilbury, adding a few freckles were dotted on noses, as well. A chocolate-color eye shadow from MAC was applied below and above peepers, which got lots of mascara, “slightly cloggy,” both on top and bottom.

Eyebrows were gelled up and filled in with two MAC pencils, Lingering and Fling. And the brand’s Freckletone lipstick was used under powder.
Hairstylist Luigi Mureno created long, blown out tresses with a slight wave.

Skin Care : Bare Minerals Skin Care Line


FACE CHARTS : MAC for Gareth Pugh Paris Fashion Week Face Charts


MAC created a futuristic gilded look for the Gareth Pugh Fall 2011 Runway.  Keep reading to see the MAC Cosmetics face chart and makeup breakdown for the Gareth Pugh Fall 2011 Show for Paris Fashion Week!


“Religious Iconography,” says Makeup Artist Alex box on the inspiration for the Gareth Pugh look.

The Breakdown


Box glued Gold or Blue laser cut fabric pieces under the eye. The blue fabric is a bespoke retroreflective fabric that turns pure white when hit with a bright light (like a flash bulb). MAC Clear Brow Set lightly grooms the brow.


MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation was applied to even out skin tone, avoiding the eye area. Box topped cheekbones with MAC Clear Lip Glass for a mirror-shine effect.


Lips were hydrated with MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15.

Face Charts : MAC for Manish Arora and Balmain at Paris Fashion Week Face Charts


MAC gave models a vampy, futuristic edge at Manish Arora, while giving Balmain models a completely nude and structured look on the Paris Fall 2011 Runway.  Keep reading to see the MAC Cosmetics face chart and makeup breakdown for the Manish Arora and Balmain Fall 2011 Show for Paris Fashion Week!


“A girl coming from the future into the manish world with a very chic look, looking a little 50′s,” says Makeup Artist Carole Lasnier, “As sexy as possible.” 

The Breakdown

Eyes Carole applied MAC Eye Shadow in Gesso and Vanilla all over the eyelids, and applied MAC Iridescent Loose Powder in a half moon shape over the eyes and down onto the cheekbones to highlight. MAC Eye Brows in Stud were used to sculpt and create the dramatic, elongated shape of the brows. Carole generously coated the lashes with MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black. She combined MAC Lash 3 and MAC Lash 36 to create a dramatic feline shape through the upper lash line. Pre-made velvet stencils in red were applied onto eyelids with duo adhesive. MAC Liquid Liner in Boot Black perfected the upper lash line.


Carole applied MAC Face and Body Foundation with a MAC 190 Brush, and blended MAC Studio Finish Concealer all over the skin and eyes with a MAC 252 Brush. She applied MAC Pro Invisible Set Powder over the entier face to achieve a super matte finish, and used MAC Acrylic Paint in Pro Black to create a beauty mark.


Carole blended MAC Lipmix in Pro Crimson and MAC Lipstick in Diva and applied with a lip brush, followed with a burgundy MAC Lip Pencil. She applied MAC Clear Lip Glass at the final moment for a high-gloss effect.


“It is a Balmain girl, a Balmain makeup,” says Makeup Artist Tom Pecheux, “Nothing to be seen, everything to be done. Complete transparency. Creamy contour and highlights.”

The Breakdown


Pecheux smudged and blended MAC Pro Sculpting Cream (available autumn/winter 2011)  with fingers softly over the eyelid and under the eye. He curled lashes and opened the eyes with MAC Zoomlash Mascara in Lofty Brown for imperceptibly defined lashes. The overall look should imitate the natural contours and shadow of eyes without makeup.


Pecheux massaged MAC Studio Moisture Cream into the skin to pamper and hydrate, and then blended MAC Face and Body Foundation over the skin with a bit of concealer where necessary for a natural finish. He applied MAC Cream Color Base in Seaside (available Autumn/Winter 2011) with a finger to highlight. For contour, Pecheux blended MAC Cream Color Base in Pro Root onto the hollows of the cheeks.


Pecheux applied MAC Lipglass in Illicit (available Autumn/Winter 2011) with fingers for a wet, humid effect on lips.

FACE CHARTS : MAC for Zac Posen & Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week Face Charts



MAC created gorgeous beetle-inspired eyes at Zac Posen, and a glamorous stamped on velvet-red lip at Rick Owens on the Paris Fall 2011 Runway.  Keep reading to see the MAC Cosmetics face chart and makeup breakdown for the Zac Posen and Rick Owens Fall 2011 Show for Paris Fashion Week!


“There’s an insect influence to the clothes that can be seen in his construction technique and patterns,” says Makeup Artist Kabuki, “my inspiration for the makeup came from art nouveau glassware and the shimmering colours on the armored backs of beetles.”



Kabuki smudged MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder through the upper and lower lash lines. He mixed MAC Eye Shadow in Freshwater and Deep Truth, and applied around the eye with a MAC 224 Brush to create an oval shape. Kabuki smudged MAC Chromaline in Pro Marina Ultra slightly into the crease of the upper eyelid for depth, and dusted MAC Pigment in Pro Old Gold over the eyelid for an iridescent finish. He generously coated the lashes with MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black.


Kabuki applied MAC Select Moisturecover concealer only where needed to perfect the skin. He blended MAC Prep + Prime transparent Finishing Powder over the entire face for a matte finish, and sculpted the cheekbones with MAC Pro Sculpting Powder with a MAC 116 Brush. He highlighted the cheekbone with a selection of MAC Pro Shaping Powders.


A custom beige lip was mixed with MAC Lipstick in Pro Peachstock and Freshbrew to eliminate the natural pink from lips.


“80% percent glamorous, 20% spooky,” says Makeup Artist Lucia Pieroni, “It’s about a stamped-on lip.”

The Breakdown


Brows were bleached on all models, and lashes were curled with any mascara for a bare effect.


Kabuki applied MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation and MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer where needed. He then powdered the entire face with MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder for a matte finish.


Kabuki defined and contoured the lip with MAC Lip Pencil in Redd, and applied MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger with a MAC 316 brush for a striking matte red shape.

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