'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 10 April 2015 //


Niyot The Ultra Matte Collection

Launched by London based artist Toyin Cayoi, Niyot Beauty is a premium full category color 

cosmetics range focused on the artistry of makeup and beauty aesthetics, while influenced by high 

fashion trends. 

Launching with lipsticks and nail polishes, the focus in developing the range was to create 

professional makeup available to all with the highest quality pigments, long lasting wear, 

exceptional and classic colour innovation, that is also ethically produced safely for the ecoconscious 

cosmetics lover, with no animal testing, utilizing natural ingredients and using 

sustainable components. 

Le Parfum d’Alice by Nejma

When Alice Lavenat, a young perfumer working for Jean Niel in Grasse, entered the 2014 French Perfumers Young Perfumer of the Year Competition she had no idea where it was going to lead……

The brief was deceptively simple: create a fragrance with blackcurrant buds at its heart. More than 100 young perfumers from 20 countries around the world entered the competition but the judges’ decision was unanimous and at the World Perfumery Congress in Deauville Alice was awarded this prestigious prize.
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