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Maybelline: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

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I have been waiting so long to write my opinions about this mascara, firstly it is nearly 2.5 mnths since i started to use this mascara and i am getting end of the tube, and it still working as good as it is just like it is new,
I read that many of the bloggers complain about the battery is dying, it just doesn’t work like the first day bla bla, when they first write about this mascara they say oh it is good etc than post a second post and tell how bad it is ..

If a blogger has an ideology of anything you can get for free is better than something you have to pay for... ,their reviews will not be honest,
OK let’s return back to our subject, This mascara is in Maybelline’s Define A Lash Mascara Family. If you ever used the one ‘s in Green and Purple Tube, you’ll notice that the brush is exactly the same, it provides you more easiness while using the mascara, the brush is soft and get into a shape, the brush part is not as hard as the other ones,

my lashes are not very long and my lashes are thin, so some of the mascara’s i wore it leaves a feeling like i am carrying stones on my lashes.

I put on Maybelline's vibrating mascara on one of my lashes and on the other one there is an another mascara, when i look into the mirror i can not believe the results,
My lashes are overwhelming, btw i am no good at wearing mascara, clumsy mascara eater me, loved the results…
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Actually It is a dupe for Lancome’s Oscillation Mascara, well it does it job, so why pay more if i find a mascara which have the same properties ? anyways i think they belong to the same company, but honestly i am unsure about it,

opps before i forget to the ones who is complaining about battery, if you understand from mechanics a bit, you can replace the batteries, or just ask help from your boyfriend or hubs, everlasting handymen of the house :)
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