How to Depot Mac Eye Shadows

There are many ways of doing this, with flames or without flames

here is an update after i have done the below way

the first way is without flames but it can also damage your eye shadow

1. Rubbing Alcohol
2. a Blow Dryer (not used in the depotting process, it's for something else, you'll see)
3. some type of cutter tool (I used wire cutters)
4. MAC eyeshadows in the pot
5. a small knife

Step 1: take your small knife and put the tip in between the crack in the front and wiggle it until the eyeshadow pops out. Be careful when doing this because the eyeshadow can fly out and depending on where it lands it can crack the shadow.

Step 2: Take your cutter tool (wire cutters) and cut in the two spots
Grip in between the two spots you cut and bend back and forth until it comes off.
Step 3: Pour some rubbing alcohol into the cap and dip the tip of your knife in the rubbing alcohol. Wedge the wet tipped knife in between the metal pan and the plastic and motion side to side. Re-dip if needed to get more alcohol in between. Don't use too much though. If needed, let it sit while the alcohol dissolves the glue holding the two pieces together. After a few moments, you can take the knife and dig it under and the eyeshadow pan should pop out. Again, be careful so it doesn't fly out and drop causing you to have a broken eyeshadow.
Step 4: There will be some glue still on the bottom of the pan. Take a cotton ball and put some rubbing alcohol on it. Rub off excess glue like you're removing nail polish. And you're done, you have a depotted eyeshadow pan.
Step 5: Take your blow dryer and heat up the plastic pot to warm up the glue holding the label to the plastic pot. Be careful not to burn yourself.
Once the plastic pot is very warm to the touch, take the tip of your knife and carefully peel the label off the pot. Once you have enough off, pull the sticker off with your fingers. (We use the heat gun/blow dryer method at work to take off the Windows product key stickers off of computers without ruining it.)


There is another way you do it with iron

Using the tip of your screwdriver, carefully work it underneath the lip of the shroud. It's easiest to do this at the front of the pot where the lid latches closed. Apply enough pressure to make the shroud pop clear, then put the pot aside.

Flip the eyeshadow so it lays shadow-side down down onto your hand towel, lay the baking paper over the top and rest a hot iron over that. In thirty seconds or so, lift the iron and check the paper - if the plastic pot underneath is starting to stick slightly to the paper, it's time to remove the eyeshadow.
Flip the eyeshadow over and gently work the screwdriver between the eyeshadow pan and the black plastic shroud and give it a wiggle. If the eyeshadow moves with gentle pressure, it's ready to be removed. If you have to force it at all, the glue is still solid and it needs to be heated further.
If the glue is suitably melted, gently work the tip of your knife under the pan and wiggle it from side to side until the glue gives way and the eyeshadow pan lifts free. Don't force it in any way, as the pan itself may bend and weaken or shatter the eyeshadow itself. When in doubt, apply more heat.

And now for the label. I prefer to keep the pot sticker attached to the pan itself, as I constantly reorganise my large palettes and I like to keep all the information handy to make answering clients questions a little bit easier.
Lay the eyeshadow pot with the domed side down and cover it with baking paper. Apply enough heat with the iron to soften the glue on the sticker without melting the plastic pot. Carefully peel it away and apply it to a blank magnet, then trim to size. Attach the magnet to the existing sticky glue on the underside of the pan and put the pan into your palette of choice.
VoilĂ ! One depotted, labeled and stored eyeshadow! 


this is with flames and might be dangerous
and you could break your shadows or burn yourself or the entire house , so it is dangerous a bit

Gather your supplies. You will need: a soft hand towel, a candle (I like to use taper candles in a tall, sturdy candlestick), tongs (the ones with the hole are perfect), a ballpoint pen (doesn't need to work), a thin pointy paring knife (a scalpel or Xacto craft knife will also work), and magnets (business card magnets or pre-made 1-inch round ones). Work in a well-ventilated area -- I like to do this on top of my glass top stove (cool, of course), since it's next to the kitchen fan that vents to the outside. The towel is very important -- it provides a padded surface that will protect your eyeshadow from bouncing or breaking if you drop it.

Open the pot with a soft hand towel. Push the pointy tip of your knife into the groove between the plastic insert and the outside of the pot -- I find that the area near the front latch works well. Force the knife in gently and wiggle a little until it pops apart. Don't do this violently or you'll fling that insert across the room!

Now you've got two pieces: the outside pot, and the inside plastic insert that holds the metal pan of eyeshadow. Set that outside pot aside (you'll need it later).

Settle the plastic insert securely inside the tongs. You can see in the photograph how perfectly those open-wire tongs fit around the insert. They can hold the outer edges of the plastic insert very tightly without making any contact with the delicate eyeshadow. The open area on the underside is exactly the area you want to heat with the candle, too. Hold the bottom of the plastic insert over the candle, in the top of the flame but not completely in the flame. 

wait until there's a small hole melted in the insert through which you can just begin to see the metal of the eyeshadow pan.

the insert has melted enough to expose a little bit of the underside of the metal pan. Move quickly (but carefully), because you need to get the pan out before the glue cools again. 

use the knifeto push up on the side of the plastic insert while simultaneously pushing down on the pan with my ballpoint pen through that little melted hole.

Now you're ready to label your pan. Prepare your magnet. If you're using a business card magnet, cut yourself a piece of magnet that will fit the bottom of the pan. Bigger is better -- it can cover the entire bottom. I like to use the label off the bottom of the pot, since it's clearly printed and often has the finish (satin, frost, matte, etc.) of the eyeshadow printed right below the name. This label is usually well-stuck to the pot and will tear if you try to peel it off. So, just warm it a little to release the adhesive. I use my tongs again, carefully placing one of the bars of the tongs right over the name so it can't get scorched by the flame. Then, gently move the bottom of the pot right over (not in) the flame for a few seconds. Take it out of the tongs and try to peel off the label, starting somewhere away from the name (so you don't mess up the name in case it tears). If it won't come off easily, put it back in the tongs over the candle. Peel it off, trim it down to fit your magnet (if necessary), and stick it right on. The glue left on the label should be enough to stick it to the magnet. 


there is another method with hair straightener which is easy

Using the tip of your screwdriver, carefully work it underneath the lip of the shroud. It's easiest to do this at the front of the pot where the lid latches closed. Apply enough pressure to make the shroud pop clear, then put the pot aside.

Flip the eyeshadow so it lays shadow-side down down onto your hand towel, lay the baking paper over the top and rest a hot hair straightener

than wait about 50 to 60 seconds,  than take the shadow from the straighener push it with a screw driver than u r done ...


Stila Smudge Pot vs MAC Blitz and Glitz Fluidline

Stila Smudge Pot 24 KT Golden Noir vs MAC Blitz and Glitz Fluidline

MAC makes a Fluidline called Blitz & Glitz , which may work as a substitute for Stila's new Smudge Pot 24K in

So if you could not find Stila one you can use MAC one as substitute.

Nars J.Mendel Lip Palette

Top: [Lip Lacquer] Chicaboom, Chastity, Galactica
Bottom: [Lipstick] Dolce Vita, Scarlet Empress, Viridiana

Modern Love Eye Shadow Palette
First Row: Alhambra (metallic rose), Jezebel (shimmering sable), India Song (shimmering walnut)
Second Row: Tokyo (silver w/shimmer), Habanera (sparkling charcoal plum), Pandora (matte black)

Nars Bridal Palette

Features color-coordinated shades in a stylish compact. Complete with a large mirror the travel-ready palettes are ideal for easy makeup application anytime. Limited availability.

These palettes of Nars is very exclusive. It has nice and popular colors of Nars in it Such as Nars Orgasm Blush, which is my favourite

Eyes: Edie, Nepal, Night Fever, Ondine
Cheeks: Albatross, Orgasm
Lips: Mitzi, Baby Doll, Sexual Healing, Roman Holiday

Eyeshadow: Bohemian Gold, Himalayas, Kilimanjaro
Bottom Row: Night Flight, Ondine, Surabaya

How to make your own mixing medium

What’s glycerin and where can it be bought? It’s a colorless, thick liquid which can usually be found in beauty products, usually in soap and moisturizers

How to make it:

1.) For every one part of glycerin, add three parts of water. For example, if you use 1ml of glycerin, mix 3ml of water.

Put the stuff in an atomizer or in a bottle, whichever you prefer. Shake!
1) Glycerin, found at any drug store.
2) Small container (this is where you will store your mixing medium)
3) Water

Use a small measuring cup, such a as medicine cup and start mixing. For every one part glycerin, use three times as much water. Shake it up and voila! Homemade Mixing Medium.

Example 1/4 Tablespoon of Glyercin

3/4 Tablespoon of Water

Larger Scale Example

1 Cup Glyercin

3 Cups Water

Step 1


Measure and pour the right amount of Glycerin into your bowl, then add the water.
Step 2

Stir the mixture until it's all mixed up.
Step 3

Get your empty container ready. Funnel the mix into the container.
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