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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation Beige Nature Swatches

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation Beige Nature Swatches
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation Beige Nature Swatches 

Lancome is one of those brands that says I have certain customer portfolio, if no one buys, my loyal customers will buy from me. I am so sorry Lancome that you missed that train, things do not go like that anymore. Just 10 years ago I was indeed one of your loyal customers, what ever happens, I would go and buy from your counters.

Everything changed on one Christmas Shopping trip. I bought my usual products and as it was a Christmas time, you had one of your GWP Promotions going on,  so when I approached the till to pay and get my gift. My gift had been given to a lady who did not even purchase any Lancome products at all.  So I asked where is mine? Oh sorry we run out of stock..  I left the counter without buying anything . That day I decided to be selective in what I bought from Lancome, and generally I don't spend more than £150 a year on Lancome products, and I mostly buy that selective products from duty free. Just to have less interaction with your sales people at your counters.

So not so long ago, when I was going on a holiday, I decided to buy Lancone's new Teint Visionnaire foundation. I previously won that foundation from a competition but the shade was a little dark, so I thought if I buy myself a matching one I could give this to my cousin. I sort of know my shade and approached the Lancome counter and started to test them, but the tester foundations were a little mixed up, I was not even sure which foundation I was testing out. So finally an assistant helped me to test out some shades on my face and they decided this particular one was the best. During this time I was thinking that I was trying out Teint Vissionare, but I noticed on paying for it that the foundation I was buying was not the one that I asked for at the counter.  I immediately ran back to the Lancome girls to change it with the one I wanted, but the answer I got was that there was not much of a big difference if I got this one. I did not have more time to discuss to issue, I submissively had to purchase the foundation, as I was running out of time and my patience.

"As far as I know a customer is king"

Now let's start to my foundation reviews
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