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17 Instant Glow Pink Bronze Bronzing Rocks Swatches


Lunasol Makeup Collection

Lunasol Makeup Collection

Jill Stuart Patisserie Collection For Summer 2012

Mix Blush Compact
  • #107 Fig Tart
  • #108 Berry Tiramisu
Custard Lip Pots
Available in 5 new shades from baby pink, peach to beige and brown.
Sugar Glitter Eyes
Available in 5 new colors.
Nail Lacquer N
Available in 3 new colors.

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L’OCCITANE Eaux de Cologne

Product Reviews: Skin Care: Neat 3B: Neat 3B Face Saver Reviews




This is an antiperspirant gel to use it on your face,  In Britain we do not have that hot summery weather to make your face sweaty and facial perspiration dripping down the forehead and cheeks.

But in Mediterranean countries, temperatures hit over 42C, and that makes anybody to boil and sweat like you are in Sauna

Most of the deodorant and antiperspirants will not be enough to protect you.

This products aims to act like a shelter avoids your face to sweat

I do not have facial perspiration here in the UK but when I go out to a Mediterranean climate  I do have and most of the people who live in hot climates suffers from facial perspiration.

I  use this an antiperspirant deodorant, I apply it to my armpits.

To be able to use and get the best result from the product you use for your armpits, they need to be clean, dry, shave or waxed

I did really get good results, I did not have any sweat problem on the areas that I applied the product.

It will protect you for about 5-6 hours in British Weather, I am not sure about hot climate for how long it will protect you. I am guessing it will protect you approximately 3-4 hours under the sun, in most of the offices they have air conditioners. It will not be a big problem.

I used it on my face as well but it had a bit sticky feeling maybe I applied too much, but this product meant to apply it your face.

Prevents Excess Facial Perspiration and Shine.
- Prevents excess facial perspiration.
- Reduces excess facial wetness and shine.
- Can be applied before usual facial makeup.
- Light gel leaves no facial residue, no deposit, no stickiness.
- Easy and smooth to apply.
- Makeup and sunscreens stay on longer.
- Keeps makeup looking fresh all day even in hot weather.


Chanel Les Essentiels de Chanel

Lumiere d’Artifices Beiges

The new blush reveals two shades of beige, very sheer and natural from what I heard but with fine golden sparkles perfect to define a radiant complexion.

Chanel Les Expressions de Chanel

Revlon Color Bust Lipgloss Sizzle Swatches

Products Reviews: Body Care Neat: Neat 3B Action Cream



I have been using this product for quite few months now and it really works

Tis products prevents sweat, rashes, and chaffing.

Behind my knees is one of the areas that sweat on my body, it is just because the way I sit, and swear causes rashes, and when I scratch that area all the rashes spread into a wider area.

Also during my period time, the sanitary towels and the lingerie I wear also causes sweat and rashes.

To Avoid rashes and sweat on the specific areas I use Neat 3B  Action Cream.

I am quite happy using this product,

Neat 3B is developed by New Zealand Doctors.

It’s summer time for most of us now, and to avoid sweat, you can try this product.

Neat Effect 3B should be applied to clean, dry skin once or twice daily, depending on individual requirements. The active antiperspirant reduces the amount of sweat produced and the emollient, lubricating cream base prevents friction and chafing.

This product is ideal for people who exercise regularly, it is good for runners, also ideal for girls who have big breasts.


  • Prevents sweat rash and chafing
  • Between the legs
  • Between the buttocks
  • Between the breasts
  • Ideal for athletes, hikers or sports people
  • Developed by New Zealand Doctors
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Works by removing all moisture in the affected area


ILLAMASQUA Naked Strangers Collection

Benefit Spy Gal Collections

Benefit The Bronze Of Champions
Benefit The Bronze Of Champions
Benefit The Bronze Of Champions
Benefit The Bronze Of Champions

Get ready for thrills, frills & espionage! Marvel Custom Solutions, the custom publishing division of Marvel Entertainment, and Benefit Cosmetics, the San Francisco beauty brand known for its fun instant beauty solutions, have co-created SpyGal, the FIRST EVER beauty-inspired comic book hero.
“The superpowers of our bestselling pore minimizer, the POREfessional, created such an international sensation, we knew it was destined for greatness! Marvel, the world’s top storytellers, helped us bring our action hero SpyGal to life in the first ever beauty-inspired comic book.” – Julie Bell, EVP Global Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics