'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 24 September 2009 //


Butter London Nail Varnish

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Butter London has come out with 5 new shades, which is already out of stock in USA, this 5 new shade set is about 45 USD...

British Racing Green, Minger, Scoundrel, Pearly Queen, and Rosie Lee.

I would like to try British Racing Green and Rosie Lee.. (Hello, is anyone there can you hear me :))) )

British Racing Green As seen in Vogue, W, People StyleWatch, & Lucky Magazine. Dark, “hunter green” that was the baskstage darling when used at this season’s shows. 

What is BL?
butter LONDON is a new concept in natural nail care. We offer full service manicures and pedicures with guaranteed hygiene, speed, and stunning results
All this is available at our beautifully designed stores, which make a luxurious statement in a concourse at an airport. The butter LONDON brand exudes British elegance with a hint of rock and roll.
The butter LONDON concept was founded in 2005 when Sasha Muir, CEO found herself frustrated with the available choices of nail services in Seattle. Neighborhood nail salons offered little in the way of hygiene and product selection.


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i have ordered some stuff from ELF on September 9, and i received them today, i was happy to received it

Pictures will follow in the evening, than i will write a complete review about each products i have ordered.

Shimmering Facial Whip in Toasted
Studio Shadow and Liner Black n Gray
Studio Silver Makeup Bag
Eyelash & Brow Wand in Medium
Studio Eyebrow Kit

I am happy about 4 out of 6 items.
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