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Be ready to tackle the New Year with beauty’in



We all know it’s way too easy to over-do the Christmas and New Year partying! Too much rich food, one too many glasses of wine, and general over-indulgence all take their toll on our skin, our bodies and our sense of well-being. But this year is different. This year we’ve got beauty’in® - the latest Brazilian beauty secret - to help us to start the New Year feeling refreshed and looking glowing.

The beauty’in® range of best-selling beautydrinks®, beautycandies® and beautybars® can be enjoyed anytime, and anywhere: at work, at home or at the gym. All the products are healthy and nutritious, and are the perfect choice for controlling hunger between meals. The formulations combine vitamins, minerals, organic fruit extracts and digestible collagen - the protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin - to create a selection of beneficial and delicious products. Each product supplements and boosts the body’s essential nutrients to improve health and enhance beauty. beauty’in® products contain no added sugar, preservatives or trans fats.

beauty’in® is a new and delicious way to get healthy and beautiful!


beautydrink® - drink yourself gorgeous (RRP £3.50)

Brazil’s best-selling beautydrink® is set to transform the UK’s beverage market. The bottle’s unique award-winning BLASTCAP TECHNOLOGY keeps the active ingredients separate from the water until you are ready to drink – simply PUSH down the cap to release the vitamins and minerals. SHAKE WEEL , PULL ,open and enjoy! Packed with vitamins and Hydrolyzed Collagen beautydrinks® contain zero sugars, zero trans fats, and are free from preservatives. They only contain between 5 and 12 calories per bottle, so you can indulge as often as you like.

B-renewed (12 calories):

This delicious drink flavored with cucumber, lemon tea and aloe vera is the ideal pick-me-up drink helping the body to eliminate toxins. Containing vitamins A, C and E and mineral selenium it is the ideal drink to detox after the party season. 

B-bright (12 calories):

Flavored with pear, green tea and coconut water, B-bright contains

cartenoids and vintamin C which keep the skin surface hydrated while

increasing ceramide and preserving the skin’s moisture barrier.

COVER FX Matte Setting Powder Swatches

Do you have oily skin? Are you suffering from Shine on your T –Zone? Do you want a long lasting makeup? Than this product might be what you are looking for?

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