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Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation

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Crème Smooth Foundation


Laura created this modern, lightweight foundation that floats over skin without visibly settling into fine lines. The hydrating formula includes a multipeptide complex infused with Dermaxyl and advanced optical diffusers that help to visibly smooth out lines and wrinkles.

Coastal Scents Reflecks Truly Turquoise

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Another addition to our sparkling mineral Mica Powders - Reflecks Truly Turquoise - Brilliant abundance of knock out shimmers,  used in bath gels, transparent soaps (non-bleeding), nail polish, shimmer sprays, body glitter balms, eye shadow, stage makeup, photo shoots and more
The particle size is so small you may not feel it when rubbing between your fingers-n/a on particle size availability
Natural Mineral Glitter
Safe for use on Eyes, Face and nails.
Ferric Ferrocyanide      CAS 14038-43-8
Titanium Dioxide           CAS 13463-67-7
Calcium Sodium Borosilicate      CAS  65997-17-3
Tin Oxide           CAS  18282-10-5

ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil

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Instantly brighten eyes with e.l.f.’s shimmering metallic liners that put the spotlight on eyes. The smooth formulation glides on effortlessly without tugging at the delicate eye area. Choose from an assortment of 9 delicious and essential shades designed to add depth, definition and a special sparkle to create a very glamorous look! Pencil includes a convenient sharpener cap for easy use!
Apply to the lash line alone, under or over eyeshadow as desired. Create a special occasion smoky eye by lining both upper and lower lashlines, blending and smudging out for a colourful, trendy eye look.

Esprit Cosmetics Twilight Party Look

Esprit Make Up Artist Sasha Hughes


esprit Picture 1

Step 1: evening  complexion

In this look with Vamp-appeal play seductive lips the lead role. Allow them to best advantage, must be absolutely even and matte complexion. In addition, the 16H Natural Care Make Up by Professional Make Up Brush apply and carefully incorporated. Eye shadow with a highlighter and concealer and dab this perfect balance for a porcelain complexion on the bridge of the nose, next to the nose . Then her cheeks with the Blush styling give a healthy freshness.

Step 2: Smokey Eyes

Gray Smokey Eyes look mysterious, not to steal the lips of the show. To the eye, first, complete with the styling Kohl eyeliner in, Graphic Blue '(300) edge. Then enter the darkest colour of, Smokey Eyes' (800) Styling ColorPalette it. The movable lid in lighter shades of gray to stress (colour 3 of the Smokey Eyes palette) and colour to the eyebrows. The lightest shade as a highlighter set just below the eyebrow and obliterate all the transitions smoothly. Then the lashes with mascara mascara Lash of Luxury two vigorous.

Step 3: Seductive lips

Star of this look is alluring, dark red lips. Here is an accurate contour must. The lips with the Lip Liner styling in dark, Fruity Pink '(201) exactly edge, and then imagine completely. Thus, the colour lasts longer and is particularly uniform. blur even with the integrated brush the lip liner, then the Moisturizing Colour Lipstick in, Tasty Brown '(400) give it.

Aesprit-Picture 1

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Sorry for the grammar i received this text in German, that is the best i could do .

Sigma Large Powder Brush F30 Review


Coastal Scents Cosmetic Microspheres Powder

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Cosmetic Microspheres CM-111 are semi-transparent, white, micron-sized spherical ceramic particles used as fillers/texture enhancers in a variety of cosmetics formulations, including lipsticks, pressed and loose powders, mascara, hand lotions and more. Their spherical shape can give cosmetic formulations a silky-soft, luxurious feel, while helping to provide more consistent processing – and at a lower cost-in-use, compared to conventional premium fillers, such as boron nitride, PMMA, spherical silica and nylon microspheres.

The ceramic composition of 3M cosmetic microspheres makes them non- absorbent, to maintain spreadability and help prevent formulations from drying out. It also allows higher pigment loading in products such as cream powders. 3M cosmetic microspheres offer an excellent balance of Total and Scattered Light Transmission properties, compared to conventional fillers such as PMMAs and silicas, for creating a “soft focus” effect that can help optically blur skin lines and wrinkles, without creating a mask-like appearance.

Helps improve production efficiency

Improves cosmetic performance without adding cost. Helps reduce cost of cosmetic formulation without sacrificing performance.

Easier processing and consistent product quality

Adds a Silky Feel and texture to cosmetic formulations. 

Allows greater flexibility in formulation.

Blurs fine lines, leaves a soft focus

Non Toxic

Invisible when applied, works wonderfully in products for darker skin tones.

Can be used in LipSticks, Cream Powders, Eye Shadow, Pressed Powders, Loose Powders


Sigma Brushes Face Brushes

Sigma Large Powder Brush  F30

sigma5 sigma6

 sigma8 sigma9 sigma10 sigma17sigma7

Sigma Angled Brush  F40

 sigma14   sigma13 sigma145

Sigma Concealer Brush F70

sigma37 sigma38 sigma39 sigma40

Sigma Foundation Brush F60

  sigma42 sigma43sigma41 sigma44 sigma45

Sigma Duo Fibre Brush  F50

sigma46 sigma47 sigma48 sigma50sigma49
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