'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 24 January 2010 //


John Freida Frizz Ease Mask

If you have dry hair and you suffer from firizz, it is perfectly for you , i have greasy hair but i have highlights because of this my roots are greasy and the ends are so dry and frizzy...

Even if my hair stylists uses an organic product but it still damages my hair,

i have heard lots about this product it is currently out of stock in my local store, it is on my top wanted list, it is very difficult to brush my hair,

the other products make my hair even more greasy..

it gets greasy in a day.... which is very frustrating

Juvena Norishing Correct Dellining Cream

Juvena Norishing Correct Dellining Cream For experienced skin that feels uncomfortable, sometimes tight and lacks radiance. This indulging face cream is based on the unique JUVENA SkinNova SC Technology*. Supports skin’s livelong renewal potential to improve skin’s quality. Rejuvenates skin’s appearance by improving its texture and helps to correct skin’s tight feeling by stabilising its barrier by delivering essential lipids and nutrients. Protects skin against environmental stress factors. Comfortable, velvety supple and well cared for skin. Like newly created.

Shiseido Translucent Powder

Improve the finish of your foundation and makeup wear with a loose powder that melts into skin—perfectly matching every skintone. It keeps pores and uneven surface texture concealed while maintaining skin's natural moisture.

Lalique Encre Noire Pour Elle

Lalique Encre Noire Pour Elle Crystal Extract Bottle 60ml

the success of the original Encre Noir which is a mens fragrance Lalique have launched Encre Noire Pour Elle which is the female equivalent. Lalique Encre Noire Pour Elle has a much more feminine scent to it but maintaining the strong dark heart of Encre Noir with notes of Turkish rose, Chinese osmanthus and Sicilian bergamot.

Skincode Exclusive Cellular Face Lifting

SkinCode Exclusive brings you the very best in bio-technological cell revitalisation with a minimum risk of skin irritation. SkinCode's Exclusive range includes a face lifting gel, body firming mousse, eye contour cream and revitalising toner.

No need for botox if you use this product..

Jean Paul Gaultier Rose N Roll

To celebrate the first birthday of Ma Dame, Jean Paul Gaultier launches Rose'N'Roll, bringing music into the picture with a theme based on vinyls and rock and roll. This collector edition comes in two sizes: 75ml with stylized offbeat graphics in homage to concert posters; and 50ml, which fits into a white neoprene pouch with fluorescent pink stitching.

Darphin Redness relief recovery cream

Darphin Redness relief recovery cream

Ultra-light soothing cream for sensitive skin with redness, helps repair and strengthen skin's natural barrier to enable better protection against irritants and external aggressors that may cause visible redness. Delicately green-hued formula instantly camouflages blotchiness.

it is something we need in this cold weather...

it is recommended for snow boarders and skier's

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