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MAC 190 Foundation Brush Review



this brush have round edges and it is soft,  you can use it with both liquid and creamy foundations but i mostly use it for liquid foundations, as creamy foundations makes the damages the hair


One other thing this is the 2nd time in 4 years of time,  i have to use a strong glue to stick the metal part,

when it  the metal part first come out of the handle, i noticed that it has been also glued,

but in years it gets old and glues melt and the metal part comes out of the handle,




As you can see in the pictures it has pretty long and thick hair


I also use this brush with creamy and liquid concealer’s

I apply Cream Colour Bases, Cream Blushes, with this brush

this brush provides a flawless coverage

It is not  very synthetic so you do not waste your product. you are using

I also have foundation brush from Smashbox and it is synthetic, it is hard to apply with synthetic brushes

DSCF5481DSCF5482d   DSCF5483s



DSCF5484dAviary maccosmetics-co-uk Picture 1

But for cream foundations i recommend MAC’s sister brushes 188 and 191


I still do not have them but i am thinking to buy them, cos it is time to retire my dear 190 Brush…

Smashbox Eye Liner in White Review






Smashbox ’s white liner is for the water line and it supposed to show  your eyes bigger than normal,

I am actually not very happy with this product, after a while you apply this product to your lash line it turns into dark gray nearly black and  you start to have gray water lines, like a zombie just come up from the grave,

it is not long lasting, it smudges, and when you sharpen it nearly half of the product stays on the sharpener,


Unfortunately Me and Smashbox  still not best of buddies.


Each thing i bought from smashbox gone bad in short while, either it is just get into pieces without even dropping it or i could never get the result that i expected,


Their HD Foundation is really bad

their eye shadows break into pieces

Their Primer is not good


i only like their brushes,


I did not buy this eye liner it was from one of their  gift set,


I do not recommend you to buy this liner, do not waste your money…

Burberry Cosmetics

According to the WWD Well Known British Fashion Diva Burberry is about to Launch Cosmetics


Burberry is about to give a coat of lip gloss a whole new meaning.
The storied British fashion label and Inter Parfums, its beauty licensee, will introduce...

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