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Concealer Reviews II


Sorry for being away so long, i am just not feeling well not even to write in to my blog,

i do not have any inspiration left…

The Balm Anti Wrinkle


theBalm Time Balm Anti-Wrinkle Concealer is formulated to not only cover dark circles and smooth out wrinkles during the day, but can also be worn at night to fight wrinkles

conceal dark circles and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.Panthenol nourishes the skin. Beeswax smooths the skin.

beingTRUE Protective Illuminating Concealer



Brighten and conceal your skin while you protect it. beingTRUE Protective Illuminating Concealer contains two complimentary colors that you can use alone or blend together to find your perfect shade as well as a neutralizer color that corrects and deflects the appearance of fine lines.


Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It



Be armed and ready in the fight against blemishes and discoloration. Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It combines two different formulas, one cream and one cream-to-powder to cover any and all flaws on your face. Ideal for those with light to medium skin tones.




Help your flaws fade into the background with Napoleon Perdis Pro-Palette Concealer. It contains three neutral shades that complement all skin tones. Each shade can be worn alone or blended together to combat redness, dark circles, and discoloration.


Napoleon Perdis
Pro-Palette Correct & Conceal


Feel like your skin is too blemished and discolored to benefit from a concealer? With Napoleon Perdis Pro-Palette Correct & Conceal you get three skin-neutralizing shades to reduce your most unsightly flaws. The lilac brightens, the green reduces redness, and the orange reduces dark circles.

Napoleon Perdis Concealer – Mint


Redness doesn't have to ravage your complexion with Napoleon Perdis Concealer - Mint. It's a hydrating and ultra-smooth concealer that blends away blemishes, dark circles, and puffiness. Mint is a soft green shade that easily counteracts the redness associated with blemishes and rosacea.


Napoleon Perdis China Doll


Beat stubborn blemishes with Napoleon Perdis China Doll Concealer. It's a lightweight, cream, and water-resistant concealer that gently hides away blemishes and blends easily for a fresh-looking, naturally beautiful face.

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