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How to Spot Fake Mac

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I am looking for old MAC Collections obviously i am on a shopping mood, so i just wanted to ebay MAC Hello Kitty, so here are the results

I searched for Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder
results are pretty impressing 

the cheapest is about 120 USD
the most expensive on is about 150 USD

now the pictures below i will add are sold as authentic by top rated seller
an eye shadow quad 

this is definitely fake

i am pretty impressed
they made nice collection for themselves
but if you are a careful buyer
you will spot these
if you are unsure check blogs send email to MAC

but know the name of the collection
know the colours
try to remember the packing
search on internet before you buy it
makeupalley, spectranet,
becarefull to the gr of the product
shape of the product
like if it is an eye shadow duo, trio or quad
so do not buy from any seller whose feedback is under %99.5
do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller
ask if it is in a box ask about the colour ask for more photos

now the below one is a nice fake

this one below is an authentic MAC Hello Kitty

another fake below

How to make a mask for greasy hair and greasy skin

How to make a mask for greasy hair and greasy skin
Put 30ml (2 table spoon )
45ml Oat Meal (3 table spoon )
60 ml Natural Yogurt (1/4 tea cup )
you need to put them into cup :)
than mix those ingredients leave it for a while until it starts to disorientation

than use this mask on your hair after shampoo and leave it on your hair about 60 seconds

it will condition and soften your hair..

DKNY Women Limited Edition

Donna Karan introduces a limited edition DKNY Women Limited Edition in a purple fragrant skyscraper bottle, packed in a golden outer package. The perfume reinterprets dynamic life of New York, its energy and its aroma

A cocktail of pink pepper, ginger, coriander and moist mandarin bud greets you at the top of the composition. The heart caresses with magnolia and jasmine, covered in petals of red orchid and honeysuckle, while the base is woody with sandalwood, cedar, elemi and cashmere.
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