Shu Uemura Natural Kolinsky Sable Brush 10








This brush is the same as MAC 239  eye shading brush,

I think words are not enough to describe this brush

it is perfect,

It is natural, it is soft,

it is well shaped, long black handled

Never experienced any of the hair falls apart,

it is still in perfect shape like the day i bought this brush,

this brush is nearly 4 years old and still in good and perfect condition.

it is a bit pricey but it worth's each penny you pay to this brush

if i am not wrong this brush is around 60USD

A basic eye shadow brush for bringing out various effects, it is suitable for a powder, cream and liquid eye shadow application. The brush size is made especially for easy control of eye makeup.




Bobbi Brown Fall 2010 Denim&Rose Collection

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Aviary uk-mg2-mail-yahoo-com Picture 1 Aviary uk-mg2-mail-yahoo-com Picture 3 A Full face wardrobe to go,

Packed with deep, shimmering blues and icy greys and pinks for eyes and fresh rose shades for lips and cheeks, this palette is the beauty equivalent of dressed-up denim. Whether you’re in the mood for flushed cheeks or a sparkling, smoky eye, you’ll have plenty of options for day or night.

Denim & Rose Mini Brush Set

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Small enough to fit into your purse or office drawer, Denim & Rose Mini Brush Set is ideal when space is at a premium.
Features four mini brushes in a cool denim case.
Mini Blush Brush
Mini Lip Brush with Cap
Mini Angle Eye Shadow Brush
Mini Eye Liner Brush


Sparkle Eye Shadow

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Bobbi’s grown-up take on glitter. This lightweight formula lights up eyes with a combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter. Thanks to its creamy, translucent base, it glides on smoothly and won’t crease or fall onto your cheeks. Now available in Limited Edition Denim. 




Shimmer Lip Gloss

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Shimmer Lip Gloss offers beautiful, non-sticky shine with a touch of iridescence and is perfect on its own or over your favourite lipstick. Formulated with Aloe extract to soothe and soften lips; Vitamins C and E for anti-oxidant protection; and Jojoba and Avocado Oils to lips moisturized. Now available in Limited Edition Raspberry.



Highlighter Pen

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For gleaming cheekbones with extra pop. Lightweight and luminescent, the liquid formula creates a dewy, all-day glow and won’t settle in your pores. Available in three shades.
Apply Highlighter along the top of cheekbones and blend gently into skin using clean fingers. You can also apply the highlighter to cheeks UNDER foundation, to get a subtle, youthful glow.


Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Denim Ink

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This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease and feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant colour glides on and let’s you get it just right before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease until you take it off. Awarded: "Elle" Magazines' ‘Top 5’ (Nov. 2009). Now available in Denim.
To apply: Dip tip of Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush into gel formula (coat both sides of brush head). Wipe off excess on tissue before applying to eye. Work quickly as product becomes transfer-resistant once dry. To remove, use Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover.


Extreme Party Mascara in Denim Navy


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Extreme Build. Endless Volume. Exceptional Separation. The formula stays flexible, so each coat goes on as fresh as the first-immediately or hours later-without clumping, smudging or flaking. Think of it as the world’s first touch-up mascara. Now available in Limited Edition Denim.



Jemma Kidd Kabuki Brush




Jemma Kidd Kabuki Brush comes with this little black pouch,

It is softer than the other Kabuki’s

it is small enough to fit any handbags,

it is small handled like other kabuki’s

But the hairs is falling apart  when you are using this kabuki, i collect kabuki hairs from my face

Also the handle makes the hairs can go wild easily

when you are zipping the little pouch hairs might stuck on the zipper so you may loose few hairs from the brush.

I have bought this from Boots in Oxford street

I can not say this brush has the highest quality or they are as good as Bobbi Brown and MAC ones , but if you are on a budget go for this brush, i paid 2.50 for this brush but i purchased this brush long time ago so i am not sure if they have the same price at this moment




You may think it looks like brand new it is because i really use my make up tools and products carefully


if this brush was not really this cheap , i would not go for this brush honestly, it does not blend  well like other kabuki's, yes the hair must be soft but not soft as a shaving brush

DSCF5785 DSCF5786 DSCF5788



In Short words, only buy this brush if you can not afford to buy a Bobbi Brown, MAC, NARS etc high street brands,

other than that, this brush has the same quality as the brushes sold in the supermarkets.

I am not regretful coos i did not pay much for this brush but if i am not wrong the actual sales price is around 15 GBP

but you can add some more on that money and buy a good kabuki that you will use life long.

Decision is yours.















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