'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 16 September 2013 //


NovExpert Instant Lifting Serum Reviews

This is the Bailey's of Anti Ageing Serums. It really smells like Baileys:))

This one of the best anti ageing serums I have tried, most of the Serums I tried does not have moisturizing effect, and most of the time I end up mixing it with my daily moisturiser but Novexpert Lifting Serum moisturises your skin but not that as deep as like if you use a daily moisturiser.

It is a serum you need to you use it along with your moisturiser. Sometimes When my skin is horribly oily I just get away with a serum, but with this one you need a moisturiser.

Broadgate London Style & Beauty Event

I have been invited to a make over at Broadgate London, It was day of beauty, I choose to have a make over, but there were hair stylists, Lush Spa, Nail Inc Maniucre, Benefit etc. etc.

I ended up buying Benefit's latest baby Rockateur Blush. I will soon review and swatch it.

Here are the images for you :)

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