'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 21 April 2010 //


Shu Uemura IR Green 550 Eye Shadow

Shu Uemura IR Green 550 Eye Shadow



DSCF56672 DSCF5669
t192here is a look created with using shu uemura’s IR Green 550
I have got MAC Pink Ample on my lips
on the Cheeks Mac Plum Floorey

I am really amazed with Shu Uemura’s eye shadows, you do not even need any eye  primer  it stays pretty long on eyes

it is lovely iridescent green
I love the packing, it for sure better than MAC’s
it is tinny enough to put inside the smallest makeup bag
it is in clear pan so you can easily see the colour
if you want to depot your eye shadow do not bake it or flame it
there is a small hole behind of the shadow
just use a little pin or tooth stick

the new numbering system works is that each number comes in each of the four standard e/s textures:
ME = Metal, P = Pearl, IR = Iridescent, and M = Matte
So there will be a
Pink ME 150
Pink P 150
Pink IR 150
and Pink M 150

100's are Pinks
200's are Oranges
300's are Yellows & Golds
400's are Light Greens & Greens (some look like olives)
500's are Greens (some look like turquoise)
600's are Blues
700's are Purples
800's are Beiges & Browns
900's are everything else including White, Gray, Silver & Blacks.
The current numbers are: (some are Japan or Asia only)
Pink 100
Pink 150
Orange 200
Orange 250
Yellow 300
Yellow & Gold 350
Green & Light Green 400
Green & Light Green 450
Green 500
Green 550
Blue 600
Blue 650
Purple 700
Purple 750
Beige 800
Brown 810
Brown 850
Brown 860
White & Silver 900
Gray & Silver 950
Black 990

Nars Yachiyo Brush

Nars Yachiyo Brush


DSCF4979 DSCF4977




This brush has soft hair and it is easy to apply a bronzer, blush with it

I paid around 50 USD,

You might complain how expensive is this brush?

but it worths each penny i paid for this brush

some  of you may complain how small is this brush

more about this brush

it has spiral dome head,

i use this brush for bronzer both loose and powder ones

it has a very soft hair,  almost like puppy touch.. 

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