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RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

Strong yet sensitive, kind yet tough ? we women wear many faces. This autumn 2014 RMK presents two new textures ? one matte and one shining ? that allow women to express themselves in all their versatility of mood. We have produced a range of make-up combining elegance with strength through the subtle contrasts of colour and light. When you love somebody, you will find a spring of inner beauty welling up within. Let love be mistress of your senses, and feel the excitement that comes when you realise your beauty. Here is a new collection from RMK combining elegance with power

RMK Matte Shinny Eye Pencil 

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

The limited edition eyeliner pencil offers two exceptional features: at one end it has a matte crayon, at the other a felted applicator for a bright shining finish. Use the bold crayon to shape a smooth line that defines the eye with precision, and then apply a layer of powder using the felted tip. The result is: the matte liner accentuates your eyes while the scintillating pure silver powder produces a luxuriant sheen. With six shades of colour you can create eyes that dazzle with drama, mystery and allure.

6 shades Limited Edition 

01 Green Black 
02 Navy 
03 Burgundy 
04 Grayish Brown 
05 Brown 
06 Shiny Black

RMK Matte Shinny Cheeks 

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014
The limited edition cheek colour combines the two different textures, matte and shining.The heart - shaped motif is matte textured for soft glowing cheeks. The outer area is luminous textured and gives your skin brilliance. By blending these you can contour the look of your cheeks in a way natural to you. Available in four shades: 'Natural Bronze' for a natural finish, 'Bright Orange' for healthy and vibrant, 'Light Pink' for urbane look and 'Dark Bronze' for a sweet but sexy touch. They offer an exciting array of possibility, from a lustrous sheen to a deep sexy glow."

4 shades Limited Edition 

01 Natural Bronze 
02 Bright Orange 
03 Light Pink 
04 Dark Bronze"

RMK Shinny Sheer Lip Gloss

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

The limited edition lip gloss tints your lips with a feather light texture. When applied it uses the lips' own moisture to become a shade of pink still purer in hue, one that incorporates a subtle sheen. A rich but light oil will spread over the surface of your lips, delivering a lovely bright finish free from any sensation of greasiness. There are three choices: 'Coral' for that fresh healthy look; 'Rose' for an elegance befitting your autumnal moods; and 'Dark Beige' for a cool femininity. It will give you fuller softer lips with a single stroke.

3 shades Limited Edition 

01 Coral 
02 Rose 
03 Dark Beige

RMK Nail Color EX

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

This autumn infuse your sensuous being with style and mystery! Here are two contrasting textures,matte and shining, for your fingernails. The rich deep hue of our matte red makes it a real attention-grabber, while the smoky nuance of our matte beige is totally a la mode. Today's chic chick will thrill to our gorgeous matte moods! For the luminous look, choose from delicious navy, alluring autumnal burgundy, and a pink with hidden depths. Dazzle, glitter and shimmer! Yet remain poised, adult, urbane. Select the colours to match your mood of the day.

5 shades Limited Edition 

EX-16 Shiny Navy 
EX-17 Shiny Burgundy 
EX-18 Shiny Pink 
EX-19 Matte Red 
EX-20 Matte Beige

RMK Matte Mascara

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

For eyes with drama and strength, RMK introduces 'matte mascara'. We have created a new 'W brush': the straight section enhances volume right down to the root of the lash, while the curved segment curls and separates to perfection. Our matte finish will add a touch of drama to your eyes ? those long lustrous lashes are sure to impress. A choice of four shades to enjoy this autumn: Black、Brown, Navy and Burgundy. Our mascara gently treats your eyelashes with moisturizing agencies, including Royal Jelly extract with water resistant formula."

4 shades Limited Edition 

01 Black 
02 Brown
 03 Navy 
04 Burgundy

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

RMK W Eye Brow Powder

3 shades New
 01 Dark Brown 
02 Mocha Brown 
03 Light Brown

RMK W Eyebrow (Pencil) 

Comes with built-in screw brush 3 shades New

Double-ended eyebrow liner with a retractable pencil and a felt head for adding powder. Customize your set from three shades of powder and pencils! Built-in screw brush for grooming the eyebrow. Its flat oval-shaped pencil gives you great control to create natural look. No need for a sharpener.

 01 Gray 
02 Dark Brown
 03 Olive Brown

RMK Powder Eye Brow N

An eyebrow powder compact with a set of three powders, two types of brown and a grey to complement your hair colour and makeup, allowing you to subtly blend the shades you want. The new improved powder blends perfectly into your skin, while your eyebrows will keep their beautiful volume and shape all day long.

RMK Eyebrow Gel

A translucent gel-type eyebrow mascara. After using the powder and pencil, add a light coating of this gel to finish off. It grooms by enhancing sheen and yields a fresh look to your brows throughout the day. Here is a new addition to your range of makeup that will lift your style to the level of the professional model.

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N 

2 New shades 

EX-06 Shiny Navy 

EX-07 Shiny Burgundy

RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N

 2  New shades 

EX-04 Orange Gold 
EX-05 Pink Gold
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RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014
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