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Guerlian Aqua Allegoria EDT

Guerlian Aqua Allegoria

2013 is the year of flowers and water language sprinkle green Neroli Eau de Toilette, elegant debut!
Pleasant fresh green orange fragrance windward hit the fruity feast dedicated to nature supreme praise the sun shines in the afternoon, pushed open the door to a secret garden, lay into flourishing orange garden, fluttering butterflies, birds children, lush greenery, ushered in bursts of orange blossom citrus aroma, fresh and natural fruit flavor refreshing facial escape from earthly troubles, feeling the advent of warm spring breeze breeze.This year Guerlain fragrance with the elegance of the royal family and nobles unique fragrance - flowers and water language sprinkling of green and orange blossom eau de toilette "opened Chunyang Overture, people wander in the pure, elegant orange blossom and fruity. To celebrate the vibrant vitality of nature, flowers, familiar with a variety of raw materials fragrance fourth generation perfumer Jean-Paul. Guerlain (Jean-Paul GUERLAIN) launched a the flowers water language Eau de Toilette Series the (Aqua Allegoria), to create a of Impressionist fresh perfume new wave, leading the world close to all kinds of floral, fruity, green grass and trees, more than a decade in the world launched more than 20 fragrance landscape, floral and Provence garden countryside to capture the visual impression with pure fragrance atmosphere packaging in a bottle, each language of flowers and water bottles are the embodiment of the overtaken flowers wizard fruit flowers fairies, each flavor has a beautiful fable, such as Psalm.

April 1, 2013, the fifth-generation perfumer Guerlain Emperor Eric. Watts race (Thierry Wasser) new creation "flowers and water language sprinkled green neroli Eau", taken from the bitter orange tree fruits, flowers and foliage planted in Bitter Orange Essential Oil (Neroli essence) extracted the essence of neroli (orange blossom absolute), commonly known as the flower of flowers, ylang ylang, rich and fragrant-filled air, and finally white musk, amber faint faded. Light and elegant white bitter orange from nature, the Sheng matter air feeling, the most distinctive feature of Guerlain flowers water language series, an annual spring occasion of the birth of a new fragrance to the original fragrance material, which the legendary Eau de Toilette bottles highly representative, Guerlain fragrance family enjoys a certain reputation and status. More than a decade Guerlain constantly innovating the sake of change, to create a haunting, poetic flavor, the fifth-generation perfumer Guerlain Emperor Eric. The watts race (Thierry Wasser) opens to the nature journey from elegant bitter orange sun light sprinkle of warm, sweet and pure female flavor of the orange blossom scented secret garden was full, people can not help but Zhuzu fled the moment the Red noisy, the book golden petals, ylang ylang, stroking, closed his eyes, and in the company of white musk, white amber and cedar tender, feeling the joy of nature with the breeze in the warm Chunyang. Emperor Eric. Watts race described: afternoon sunshine, walking in the orange blossom garden, could not help in the breeze, the breeze under the shade of a small nap, Dayton time, steeped in a pleasant fresh blue orange in the aroma. Because of Guerlain perfumers exquisite and complex aromatic deployment skill to create a unique fragrance and rich poetic world. Flowers and water language Eau series has become legendary in the perfume industry indicators. Different language on behalf of the flowers and water for the sweet smell of love of a different nature, and the 2013 "flowers and water language sprinkling of green and orange blossom eau de toilette" uncover people a new sense of smell of orange flowers and gorgeous adventure. Scent of orange blossom remove the harassment to the yoke of "the language of flowers and water sprinkling green Neroli Eau Open a door leading to the secret garden, refreshing mint flavor rightly attracted you to see what all the eye could see the best is a green spring unlimited orange gardens, elegant and refined orange blossom scent so you remove the shackles of the mundane bustle, suddenly feeling at ease in the afternoon sunshine to slow down the rush footsteps, listening to the birds and flowers insects Xu wind in silence and feel the beautiful nature reserves. Emperor Eric. Watts race tone light mint, citrus bitter orange flavor as the top notes, fresh fragrance as leisurely comfortable step into paradise; in the taste of the orange blossom extract and flower flower known as ylang ylang continuation from that smelling fragrance shrouded in the air, so the expression becomes very soft and lazy, soothing the usual pressure to elicit neroli intoxicating fruity; keynote adding white musk, white amber and cedar, white amber charming The temptation seamlessly charm, along with a mild, silky musk, rounded as close to the skin as warmly clad systemic. So elegant fragrance, closed his eyes, smiled and praise the richness of nature.

Elegant representative: the legend of the "orange blossom"in Greek and Roman mythology, according to legend, Emperor of Zeus sister Hera love at first sight, the world raining cats and dogs. Zeus, Hera's arms into a poor bird drill to get the feeling of infinite pity. Waiting for the rain stopped Sunrise, Zeus emerged a prototype, and promised must marry her. Zeus to marry him when they gave Hera a bunch of sweet orange blossom, said that the purity and fidelity of marriage, neroli become a symbol of love; Neroli's the florid called "the joy of the bride, elegant white appearance, and flowers very pleasing, for hundreds of years, people put orange blossom as the bride's bouquet and headdress, a symbol of the blessing of the new families. Residents of Crete, Greece, each new are sprayed with a bitter orange blossom aroma water, The Arab Muslim sucked bitter orange as happy and rich, snow-white marriage. The naming of bitter orange from Italy a princess Neroli, very much love the taste of bitter orange while named. Said that her use of bitter orange blossom incense the gloves are especially charming, open any social occasion, is always the focus of attention. Her palace ballroom fresh, sweet yet delicate ornate style, suddenly became a model of European nobility imitated. 18th century French King Louis XV's mistress, Lady Patten del socialite was recognized leading fashion, she will be bitter neroli essential oils as perfume, driven by the bitter orange flowers dominate the trend. Golden bees totem: the Guerlain centuries halo beautiful bottle! Guerlain 2013 "flowers and water language spilled bottle of green and orange blossom eau de toilette" from the famous French sculptor Robert. The bee totem Ge Lanai designed the original version, on behalf of the Napoleonic Empire inlay on cap, inspired by the the 1853 Jiao Rand modulation Queen "regal water (Eau de Cologne Imperiale), its respect for some gold foil bees pose perfume bottles 69 bee embellishment its graceful beauty such as jewelry, since this pattern has become part of the history of Guerlain. 2013 flowers and water language, moving the aroma of flowers and water language depicting vivid natural garden views sprinkle green and orange blossom eau de toilette 75ml


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