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Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

 This is the second product of the Stylfile S File Series, It is a 4 side Nail Buffer. 

Tom Pellereau, the creator of the Stylfile collection explains how he decided to create Stylfiles

Stylfile2 S-Buffer ReviewsStylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

 Watching my sister file her nails one day, I hit upon the idea of a curved file and buffer. The curve of the S-buffer follows the nail bed’s natural curve, making buffing easy even when using your 'other' or non-dominant hand. The outside of the curve reaches right into the edges for an all-over shine. The 4-step S-buffer creates a chip-free sparkle in seconds, which can last for days. For a French manicure-like shine without the mess use as directed. To re-shine previously buffed nails, just follow steps 3 & 4. For sparkling nails without the wait, try the S-buffer.
Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews
This product is a 4 way buffer, 4-step S-buffer. I really liked the glossy shine it gives to my nails, It sort of gives you the impression that you are wearing a clear nail polish.  I tried other nail buffers before but none of them gave my nails this much glossy look. 

These buffers are ergonomic so anyone either with long, short nails, right or left handed can easily use. 

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews
Use Side 1(the black side) to shape the nail edge and remove any sharp edges. 

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

Use Side 2 (blue) to get rid of  the ridges on your nails.

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

Use Side 3 (pink) to smooth your nails and nail bed

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

Use Side 4 (white) to give glossy look to your nails. 

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

This One comes with an orange stick and cuticle pusher. 

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

Orange Stick & Cuticle Pusher could be a little Stronger as I have already broke them :((

I hope they will launch the refills as well, so instead of buying the files each time, we could buy the refills and stick it.

Anyway this is my own opinion.

"This packaging is 100% recyclable. The plastic is made from PET and the printed insert is card. PET can be recycled with plastic drinking bottles and card can be recycled with newspapers. Please follow your local recycling guidelines."

Have you ever used any Stylfiles? What are your thoughts on them? 
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