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MayBeauty The Incredible Face Mask Reviews

Did you know that ... the food you eat and how you take care of your skin affects your HYS appearance?

We have created a guide to help you eat the right foods and take care of your skin - wizard named the amazing hudguiden and is based on scientific research.

The mask and the wizard used together for a perfect result

The mask consists of deep-sea mud and removes dead skin and particles from your face, while the guide prevents your skin produces excess fat and skin cells, which are the cause of acne, blackheads and inflamed skin.

Use the system and your skin will be cleaner and healthier than ever before!

I have been recently send Mat Beauty Face Masks to review, my review was a bit delayed because of a small scarring on my face.  

This mask is really incredible as it says on the package,  It is a Mud mask and Mud masks are known as the secrets behind the beauties of celebrities, 

Cleopatra was known for her famous mud baths and masks. 

Application super easy as it comes with a brush, no need to use your fingers and create a mess. 
This masks comes with a brush, so you can apply the mask easily to your face.

I have oily to combination skin, sometimes due to aging it turns completely dry. 

It removes all the dirt, all excess oil from your skin, and it makes your skin really soft.

I rub the mask from the corners and peel it off, I could see the pore marks on the mask that I peeled off.

It just hurt a little when I am peeling off but it is ok, as it sticks to your skin and the ones that I could not peel off, I used a damp muslin cloth

It’s not tested on animals. It’s recommended to use the mask once or twice a week for best results.

DO not use if you have acnes all over your face. 

It does not take it long time to dry, it dries out completely in 5-10 mints. 

Leave it for 40-45 mints and just peel off. 

I leaved mine about an hour or so. 

If you wish to purchase the masks here is link : https://maybeauty.se/facemask/

Have you ever used this mask? What are your thoughts about it?

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