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How to Cover Acne Spots

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Red marks from acne will fade with time. To help cover the discoloration until they do, Maria Romano, a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown Essentials, offers these tips to keep your face looking fresh.

Romano suggests using a yellow-based foundation (which matches your skin tone) instead of a concealer. Your everyday foundation will work— liquids, creams and powder formulations all have good coverage. No need to spend extra money on anew one. (Try: Bobbi Brown Essentials or Laura Mercier.)

1. Apply the foundation to red areas with a tapping motion. The tapping motion will blend the foundation so you don't see it on your face. Be sure not to rub or it will come off.

2. If you feel you need even more coverage, apply one more layer with a tapping motion.

3. Finish with a loose powder to match your skin tone. (Try: Neutrogena Fresh Finish Loose Powder or Oil of Olay Loose Powder.) Make sure to apply powder with a velour puff, as a brush won't provide enough coverage. Dip the puff into the powder and tap it on the back of your hand to wipe off any excess. Too much powder will give you a pancake look. Gently tap the areas of your face that need coverage with the powder to achieve a smooth, flawless finish.

Remember: Makeup can only cover up the problem. If you feel you cannot control future acne breakouts with over-the-counter products, it's a good idea to see a dermatologist for a prescription treatment.


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