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How to wear Red Lipstick

Barely-there eyes and luscious red lips are the height in make-up sophistication. Think old-school Hollywood glamour: Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe favoured the look and they were classed as the most beautiful, elegant ladies at the height of their game. Today, superstars like Gwen Stefani, Alison Goldfrapp and Scarlett Johansson have modernised the look effortlessly but, truth be told, it is a difficult style to pull off. The wrong shade of red can have you rivalling the best of the drag queens or resembling Pat Butcher - you have been warned. Follow our guide for mistake-free seduction in red.

 Pout make-up artist, Dee McMahon says, "The single most important thing to be aware of when wearing red lipstick is your skin tone. Are you a warm red or a cool red?"
If your skin has pink undertones you should stick to reds that have a pink base whereas, if you have warm yellow tones, you will best suit a red with a golden or tawny base (also great for bringing out green eyes). If you're pale and pink, lipsticks that have a touch of blue will be the best match for you. Berry tone reds (plum, raspberry, and cherry) are best suited to Asian skin.
Dee adds, "If you come across a true primary red the colour of a London bus, grab it. This colour suits everyone."

A common mistake when choosing a shade while standing at the beauty counter is testing the colours on the back of your hand. Always use the pads of your fingers; these are a much better indication of how the colour will look on your lips.

Remember, this is an attention-grabbing look. Preparation is key to avoid stepping on the wrong side of the glamour-puss/tramp line so buff and balm the lips before applying any colour. Use an old toothbrush to get rid of any flakes of skin. This will also make your lips naturally a bit plumper and redder. Wipe off any balm to stop your lipstick sliding straight off.

Blend a small amount of lightweight concealer around the mouth to heighten contrast and enable you to get a really polished look. Lip liner is essential with red lipstick. It helps to seal the colour and prevent the ultimate red lipstick faux pas: bleeding. Liner also acts as great base for lipstick, so use it all over the lips. Try and use the same shade as the lipstick so it doesn't alter the finished look, most brands sell corresponding shades.

When applying reds always use a lip brush. It gives you much more control over where, and how much colour you are putting on. Dont be tempted to whack it on straight from the stick, it'll end in disaster. Red pigment is very strong and doesn't easily come off surrounding skin; you run the risk of looking like you've had an encounter with some particularly brutal stubble - and not in a good way. Work up colour gradually. Kiss a tissue to remove access before adding another layer and the pigment will last a lot longer.

Don't be tempted to match red lipstick to your red dress/ handbag/ necklace. If you're wearing red, it's probably best to steer clear of red lipstick but if you have to, wearing different but complimentary shades of red is a much more modern approach.

If you're planning on eating, avoid anything oily like salad dressing or olive oil pasta sauces. Oil dissolves lipstick and will spread the pigment all over your face. Not a good look.

Keep foundation light and flawless, even avoiding blusher if you can get away with it. You don't have to keep skin flat: a dewy look is much more wearable and less work than attempting to keep matt and running the risk of looking caked.

If you're going for impact on your lips, don't use bright colours on your eyes. The '80s blue eye shadow and red lips look only looks good at fancy dress parties. Keep eyes neutral but defined with a feline flick of black liner at the corners.


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How to wear Red Lipstick - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY