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How to Choose the Right Mascara

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 Mascaras available in the market nowadays are protein-filled and contain waxes that are designed to condition your lashes and are formulated to prevent damages to your eyelash. Know the difference in the types of mascara and pick the one that's perfect for you. Remember that there's no such thing as too much mascara! Make your lashes thicker with several coats.
Lengthening Mascara. These mascaras have thick bristles. This allows you to get more mascara on your lashes, most especially on the tips of your eyelash. This gives an illusion of longer lashes to your eyes.
Thickening Mascara. These products contain a thicker formula which makes your lashes come out bulkier. Long and thick eyelashes immediately bring attention to the eyes by making them appear bigger and brighter. Volume is enhanced, which suits best especially if you're not blessed with much lashes.
Waterproof Mascara. These non-smudging mascaras contain special synthetic formulation that helps repel moisture. An oil film is formed around each lash which protects it from moisture. This is perfect for those who have oily skin or deep-set eyes that easily bring lashes into contact with the skin.

On the other hand, waterproof mascara are pretty difficult to remove, such that you may have to work hard on your eye area which may bring some damage to your eyelash and mild skin around your eyes. Some small particles may also remain concentrated under the eyes after washing. This may leave you with permanent dark circles, when used daily.
Here are some additional tips on mascara application:
Long and thick eyelashes must be curled with an eyelash curler to create an eye-opening effect. To achieve a more natural look, try using small curlers which curls lashes individually.
To avoid smudging, take care of the bottom lashes before touching the top lashes. When applying to the lower lashes, tilt your head forward. Tilt backward when applying on the upper lashes.
Always sweep the mascara from the root of your eyelashes to the tips and in thin layers. Don't apply mascara too far from the roots. This causes the lashes to stick together at then tips. To avoid this mistake, open your eyes wider and always hold the mascara wand parallel to your eyelids.


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How to Choose the Right Mascara - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY