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How to Apply Eye Shadow

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Select your colors.
Start with neutrals. Before experiment with bright, metallic or dark colors, you should get comfortable with neutrals. Brown shades look good on everyone. Once you get the hang of applying shadow, you can begin experimenting with more vibrant colors.

You should have three shades in the same color family. You will apply the lightest color on the brow bone, the darkest color in the crease and the medium shade on the eyelid.

  • Use an eye shadow brush or sponge applicator (a brush works best) and apply the lightest color from the crease up toward you eyebrow. Do not cake it on; just a light coat will do
  • Apply the medium shadow over your eyelid. Cover the entire lid all the way to the crease.
  • Add the darkest shadow into the crease using a small, angled makeup brush. If you want the color to be a little more dramatic, you can wet your brush before apply the shadow.
  • Use your finger tip to gently blend the colors into each other so that it doesn’t look like a stark line in the crease.
  • Dip a cotton swab into eye makeup remover to clean up any mistakes.
Experiment with your eye shadow techniques until you find a look that you like. Once you are comfortable using neutral colors, start experimenting with pastel, metallic, bright and dark shadows


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