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Another Smokey Eye Tips

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The Smokey Eyes Effect always looks magical and sexy and fits perfectly to the party or family dinner! Smokey Eyes always do a bit of a dramatic effect, so You're welcome to use this make-up even with photo shoots and castings. You will feel determined as a beauty queen and the others will look at you with bated breath.

If you want to achieve the same effect, I'll tell you step by step how to do it. There are many different techniques, but what you need to determine the make-up is as follows:

* Black mascara
* Eyelash curler
* A brief brush
* Kohl black and brown
* Black eye shadow and bright
* Eyeshadow Brush

First of all wear on your face, your familiar Foundation. Then you should paint over with the brown eyeliner the inner upper and lower eyelash line. Subsequently, the outer corner of my eye I emphasize the black eyeliner. Then paint with a thick brown eyeliner onto Lidstrick upper eyelid. Next, with the short blurs the eyeliner brush into the lid crease. Carry on now bright eyeshadow. Times and shut eyeshadow on the eyelid crease from the top. Now you can apply the black eyeshadow on the upper and lower eyelash line. Before the ink bring your lashes with the eyelash curler in motion and then vigorously several times wearing the black mascara. If you are even more dramatic like, you can advance with the eyeliner on the upper lashes still draw a line, which then vibrates slightly at the outer corners of your eyes upward.

For the Smoky Eyes Effect also fit other tones of eye shadow like gray, silver, anthracite, mauve and taupe. Also shades of brown or chocolate making Smokey Eyes particularly warm and magical.

Tip: Women whose eyes are close together, should not the darker shade of eye make-up center. Narrow eyes are rounder made with more color in the middle, while should be used with round eyes in the middle of less color.

Smoky Eyes, gray or brown with lighter shades of makeup, you can also wear during the day. This looks very expressive, but not wild - so the Smoky Eyes Effect looks modern and elegant.

How do you make-you correctly? A couple tips for you to look at your Smokey Eyes perfectly.

Always use two shades - one light and one darker shade of the same color group.

If you want to make the evening a deep look, take the darker eyeshadow or wear the colors strong and easy to combine them with a black eyeliner.

Best use for the makeup powder eyeshadow, because it can boost its opacity - that is tender, even if you do aufpinselst, to strong, if you do several contracts or moisten with water.

So that the lids are fat free and the eye shadow can be better distributed, you could dab it with a tissue. Then dab on some concealer with your finger tip and removes very thin. So you can also cover redness perfectly.

So you can find the ideal proportions, applying makeup, hold a brush between the nose and outer corners Augenwinken. The diagonal line shows you exactly how far you could distribute the color at the corner of my eye.

When you enter eyeshadow, use as little color to the inner corner of eye, otherwise the eyes are moving together. If you have wrinkles, prefer to take rather than gloss matte eyeshadow.

In order to intensify the look, pull on the upper and lower lashes along the edge of a powder line. Thus the bottom line turns out not too thick, hold the brush horizontally to the lower lid. Carry on along this line along the eye shadow.

As you gently wiped all the colors at the transitions with a cotton swab, paint with light eyeliner on the outer corner of my eye a small horizontal stroke. If you like, you can also emphasize that the lower Innenlid. This makes the Smoky Eyes Effect radiant.

If you try out Smokey Eyes for the first time, then train several times before, so that you can find your right look. If you had used eyeliner, then carefully, because this look is at best the very young girls. Smokey Eyes in black look very powerful. This is a classic make-up and is most suitable for large performances. Smokey Eyes in color, as I said, you can wear during the day, because it looks hot and sexy.

If black is too intense for you, then try the version in dark brown, green, blue or violet tones. Braunton is the majority of women, and violet, while the eyes are not red. Harmonious with green and brown eyes look green hues. Blue fits great with blue and brown eyes. Then choose the dark eyeliner, such as a charcoal gray. Green Smokey Eyes If you do, then take the best brown mascara.

If you have extremely bright eyes, use in any case, blacks. Sensitive skin usually does not tolerate the thick paint: it irritates and can cause itching. For severe wrinkles or Schlupflidern the color blurring rapidly.

Metallic eye shadow and highlighter effect, matte colors to bring more depth. If you want to make your look simple, you only with makeup eyeliner. Kajal is also ideal for contact lens wearers, he did not crumble, and it is also available specifically for Sensitive.

If you want to make-up as haute couture, then we still have a couple of mega tips for you.

Oscar de la Renta is used golden brown Smokey Eyes: distribute the eyeshadow in bronze on the upper movable lid. From center outward eyes a darker shade of brown bear one, which is also distributed under the eye. For this look, only the upper lashes black ink.

Christian Dior and Gucci prefer a more classic black look. With a silver Gucci swab is used in the interior angle that makes the eyes shine.

Givenchy has a darker eyeshadow one around the entire eye and fades out towards the outside. For the gloss effect on the upper eyelid cream makes eye shadow that comes over the primer. The lashes are not or only very slightly inked.

Versace puts a special emphasis on Smokey Eyes: Emphasize the inner part of the eye with a gold metallic eye shadow, to the outside is the color to a strong black. Ink lashes several times. The small speck of gold eyeshadow in Intraocular angle is visually open his eyes. A thin black eyeliner on the upper eyelid rim makes the look intensieve.


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