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Isadora Northen Lights Collections For Christmas 2012

Perfect Matt Lipstick

Satin matt lips with a comfortable feel. Perfect Matt Lipstick has an intense luminous matt finish and is pleasant to wear all day long without drying out your lips or fading. It has a lightweight, yet creamy texture that glides on the lips. Triglycerides guarantee comfort and a satin matt color finish. Perfect Matt Lipstick cares for your lips and includes ingredients with softening, hydrating and protective properties.
  • #03 Red Carpet
Perfect Moisture Lipstick
Richly pigmented and color-safe lipstick that resists feathering. Contains conditioning and moisturizing Panthenol. Creamy texture, easy to apply. Recommended for dry or chapped lips.
  • #64 Marshmallow
Moisturizing Lip Gloss & Perfect Lipliner
Semi-transparent lip gloss. Moisturizing, nourishing and soft lip gloss containing emolient jojoba oil and shea butter that counteracts dry and chapped lips.
  • 19 Marshmallow
  • 40 Purple de Luxe

Lip contour pencil, lip-fix and matte lipstick – three products in one! Perfect Lipliner has a very soft formula and is richly pigmented. Always use the pencil well sharpened withPencil Sharpener Slim.
  • 36 Ruby Red
Wonder Nail Polish

Extra long lasting and quick drying with extra wide brush – covers the nail in one stroke. Retains its luster extra long and comes in many beautiful colors.
  • 749 North Star
  • 750 Polar Nights
  • 751 Arctic Treasure
Cream Mousse Eyeshadow

A new generation of eye shadows! Cream Mousse Eye Shadow is ultra light and creamy with a velvety finish. It blends seamlessly with the skin and doesn’t crease. It creates a flattering, soft eye make-up that lasts all day long! The eye shadow has a special shimmer effect that varies according to the light: subtle in daylight and dazzling in artificial light.
  • 32 Stardust
Glitter Eyeliner & Big Bold Mascara

Glittering, multi-reflecting eyeliner gel. Glitter Eyeliner is perfect for creating special effects. Apply directly on eyelid or over an ordinary eyeliner. The thin brush makes it easy to draw precise lines. Quick-drying and long-lasting. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • 30 Gold
  • 31 Silver
Instant super volume effect! A perfect combination of brush and mascara formulation to create an express volume effect upon application. Big Bold Mascara has a creamy, full bodied texture that coats the lashes and builds up the volume effect.
  • 10 Black
Eyeshadow Quartet

Richly pigmented cream powder eye shadow. Four color coordinated shades for an advanced and creative eye make-up. Easy to apply and tone.
  • 67 Northern LIghts
  • 68 Lynx
Your exclusive IsaDora gift at any purchase of minimum 2 products from Holiday Make-up 2012! Nickel free, high quality glass pearls. Star charm and IsaDora logo charm. The bracelet is elastic and fits all.

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Isadora Northen Lights Collections For Christmas 2012 - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY