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Paul & Joe Makeup Collection For Spring 2013

Cheek Color & Compact
Get cheeky this spring with the new and totally customizable Cheek Color collection from Paul & Joe. Ten stunning new shade duos compliment any style or attitude and make changing your cheek color as swift as your changing mood. Simply pop your favorite hue into the new retro-meets-modern Compact I embossed with a beautiful chrysanthemum pattern to customize your color. Blend Cheek Color palettes for a custom shade or use the two hues individually to help contour and highlight the face.
  • #01 Secret d’Or: A harmonious champagne gold and delicate yellow create the ultimate golden sparkle
  • #02 Re-Belle:  A blissful blend of shining rose and warm apricot that will take your breath away
  • #03 Gigi:  Named after the heroine of the eponymous novel by the female French writer, Colette is this soft and sweet duo of pinks
  • #04 Cinema:  A playful coral that evokes a retro vibe.
  • #05 Gamine:  An earthy, natural pink that creates the impression of artless style
  • #06 Mon Ami:  Deep and sensual shades of lavender and dusty rose charms all who see it
  • #07 Prima Donna: Bright pink and caramel create a classic, energetic look
  • #08 Candy: Two happy hues make cheeks flush with satisfaction
  • #09 Peaches ‘n’ Cream: Soft golds and yellows create a peachy-keen finish
  • #10 Ombrage: A rusty gold creates a glowing, sun kissed impression

Eye Color CS


Inspired by the romantic allure of the City of Light, Paul & Joe’s latest Eye Color CS collection is an ode to all things Parisian. Sweet, soft shades of natural hues like blushing beige, grassy green and powdery pink add a pop of delicate color for a look that glows as brightly as Paris.
With classic imagery of carousels replicated from the famous merry-go-round in the heart of the city, the playful patterns in the spring 2013 collection are as pretty to display as they are to wear.  Even more adorable, this trio of eye illuminating shades is packaged in chic prints that are sure to add va-va-voom to your vanity.
  • #082 Calliope – blushing beige and bold brown blend for an ever classic look
  • #083 Montmartre – the mesmerizing color tones of nature add drama and definition to eyes
  • #084 La Belle Époque – powdery pink and a smoky gray create a picture perfect palette
Lipstick CS

Spring has sprung with a lipstick collection that sings the style of the season. Paul & Joe’s pout-perfecting new Lipstick CS makes puckering up a whole lot more fun. Three luscious, lust-worthy shades are imprinted with the new Paul & Joe logo and an image of a Parisian carousel that make displaying the lipstick almost as sensational as wearing it. What’s more, the new Lipstick CS collection allows you to pop your favorite kissing color into any of the three new pretty paper Lipstick Cases to create a beauty style that’s entirely your own.
  • #078 Carousel – a kiss of peachy pink that adds a romantic touch
  • #079 Merry-Go-Rounda bright and cheerful coral with warm, rosy tones
  • #080 Manège – a sultry fuchsia pink that packs a punch of chic color
Lipstick Case CS

  • #006 – super sweet canary and sky blue elephants decorate the soft red case
  • #007 – friendly felines in avocado, coffee and cream colors grace this cool case
  • #008 – gorgeously girly, this pretty pink patterned case evokes the sentiment of spring
Pressed Powder
Find the fountain of youth with this delicate face powder that will instantly restore a girlish glow to skin. New for spring 2013, Pressed Powder CS is a whimsical swirl of soft lavender and grassy green underscored by Paul & Joe’s proprietary Secret d’Or essence that creates contours and highlights in all the right places. The imprint of a carousel over the protective film and the precious enclosed puff complete the picture-perfect Pressed Powder CS.
  • #001 Swirl – Base colors of pinkish-purple and dewy green combined with an antique-style gold Secret d’Or create a bright spring finish by evening skin tone for a natural look
Pearl Foundation Primer

Paul & Joe’s new Pearl Foundation Primer adds a touch of gorgeous luminosity for an even, youthful appearance perfect for daytime, nighttime – anytime! Available in one, unique shade that flatters every skin tone and blended with Paul & Joe’s signature Secret D’or formula, this exquisite primer contains sparkling pearls in a rainbow of perfectly proportioned shades of yellow, blue, pink and purple that reflect light for a radiant glow.
Infused with Orange Flower Water, White Lily Extract, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Extract and more, this dazzling addition to the Paul & Joe collection provides healthy ingredients for beautiful skin that radiates from within.

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Paul & Joe Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY