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BeYu Illuminating Nights Collection

Illuminating Glow Highlighting Powder 

This new powder makes the cheeks, neckline and shoulders glow with its glitter particles! Sparkling reflections effectively emphasize these areas and add magical highlights to the skin. Cheeks can be subtly accentuated with a rouge brush. The slightly shimmering particles make this paraben-free product suitable for any skin tone.

#01 Porcelain Glow

Metallized Eyes Eyeshadow 

This eyeshadow provides a glamorous backdrop for eyes! The butter-soft texture of this compressed powder eyeshadow blends with the skin, is easy to apply and can be softly shaded out. To achieve a rich, intense color with an enchanting metallic brilliance, the pigments have been perafectly balanced to suit the texture.

#01 Snowflake

#07 Mountain

#19 Taupe

#28 Champagne

#36 Copper

#50 Brown

#58 Emerald

#70 Plum

Star Lipstick 

Its fabulous soft texture leaves a very pleasant and smooth feeling on your lips and moisturizes. The new, shiny texture gives an enticing, glossy finish for optically more volume. The tip of the Star Lipstick is stylish and modern. For a professional application or to shade out the color you can use the fine lip brush made of nylon hair.

#159 Autumn Berry – shimmer pink

#167 Golden Oleander – delicate brown

#178 Soft Ballerina – elegant rose

#152 Naked Plum – strong red

Fruit & Gloss Lip Stylo

Thanks to its glitter particles, Fruit & Gloss Lip Stylomakes the glamour look perfect and its pleasantly fruity fragrance is a must-have for every fashion-conscious woman.

#19 Marmalade Passion – light carmine red

#40 Plum Berry – sparkling blackberry

Shimmering Top Coat 

Shimmering Top Coat decorates nails with sparkling particles, giving them an unusual, glamorous touch. Glitter particles of different shapes and sizes are incorporated to creatinge the most sophisticated effects. Depending on what color is used as the undercoat, harmonious or contrasting results can be achieved. Applying several coats allows the intensity of the glitter to be varied. The gel-type varnish base means that the nail surface will be super-smooth.

#742 Sparkling Silver

#744 Sparkling Gold

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BeYu Illuminating Nights Collection - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY `