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Raw Gaia Shikakai Hair Wash

Raw Gaia Shikakaki Hair Wash does not look like the other shampoos I use, It was totally a new experience for me.
This hair wash comes in a powdered  format, you need to mix it with water and turn it into a paste, than apply it on your hair and rinse.
It is not that easy for me to make it a paste, as if you add the shampoo, if you add too little water, the mixture tends to stick in your hair even when you try to rinse it out. If you add too much water than it is too liquid.  It is very difficult to find the correct balance to make the paste perfect to use,
If it is too thick as I told you it goes into your sculpt and sticks there you think you finally washed your hair but after you come out of shower and dry your hair you see your hair is still greasy and than U rewash.
It took me a long time to find the right format.
The powder is very very fine and it goes everywhere, and when you rinse your hair, and it makes a great mess, it will paint your shower or bath tube in a brown  mud like substance.
This is a great shampoo for people who has very greasy / oily hair.
One of the rare shampoos that actually kept my hair clean and shiny for 2 days.
But if you have light hair, blonde, or even light brown,or high  / low lights than I do not recommend you to use this shampoo as it will change your hair colour.
My hair colour is  naturally dark brown and the top part of my hair changed into a reddish browny shade after using it. I am not complaining as my hair looks nice with its new shade but I wish it would cover my grays as well.  Sad smile
I spend lots of time in front of the mirror to cut my grays every day
Anyways it is a great shampoo if you use it correctly it does wonders.
If you love organic products this is for you, as RAWGAIA products are 100 %  Natural
I also find it just smells a bit strong. It is possibly the plants extracts.
Here is the link if you want to buy the Shampoo Shikakai Hair Wash

Raw Gaia Shikakai Hair WashReviewed by makeuptemple on Jun 25 2012 Rating: 5.0
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