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Christian Dior Garden Party Collection

The collection itself repeats several "codes" of the fashion house - is Rose (theme house of Christian Dior in Granville continues to exaggerate), The shades are typically spring shades, lots of pinks, lilies and greys.

5-Colours Garden Edition LE


Garden Pastels Pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens

Garden Roses Soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple

Star and Star-product collection – is the eye shadow palettes. 5 Colours Palette which also comes in two versions of Garden Edition. Both limited edition  both decorated with flowers and lace-embossed,  As you all know I am great fan of pinks and greens.



Garden Clutch LE

The clutch is reinvented in with the Garden Party spirit in mind. Featuring a glossy light pink leather-like shell, adorned with a woven pattern & sealed by a “Rosebud” clasp and makeup must-haves for eyes and lips. Inside is a trio of delicate rose-embossed eye shadows, one shade of Dior Ultra-Gloss and one Lip Maximizer. Available in two colourways: Milly Garden  (Nordstrom and Dior.com Exclusive, and Granville Garden (not at Nordstrom).

I would find a way to depot all the eye shadow in the clutch and after I will clean-up the bag gently and use it as a small clutch bag when going out for dinning







Vernis Garden Party Scented Lacquers L.E

  • Waterlily – Soft green

  • Forget-Me-Not  - Light mauve

We will be having two nice shades of purple and green as a nail polish, as we can see from Dior mint green shades on nail polishes are still trendy as it was last summer
And This season Dior’s Nail Polishes are fragranced, they smell like roses.
Purples we all have purple shades in our nail polish drawers, so if you do not have here is a chance to grab one for you.

Blush Rosy Glow  :It reminds me  pink roses Smile

I assume it will work with lighter skinned girls, obviously not on a girl who has olive under tones like me. : (
but you can use it as a highlighter if you so wish to buy, I am saying this to the darker skinned girls.


  • Socialite Pink  (only at Dior.com)

  • Party Lilac

  • Pretty Rose

    Lip - Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, sheen, giving instant volume. Dior Rouge lipstick with an updated formula for bright colours.

    Dior Rouge Lipstick


    • Corolle Pink

    • Tulip Pink (#448)


    Dior Serum de Rouge

    And even a little bit of news. Almost simultaneously with the collection (which comes to us on 2nd of January), the brand will launch two interesting things. First -  tweezers mascara.  type-plates mascara with a spring, which heats up and gives lashes a form.
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