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Konad Nail Art Plate M57 Reviews


I was actually going to make a tutorial step by step, but when I downloaded the pictures, I did not like the pictures, resolution was quite bad, so I decided to put the best of all the pictures

The Products You need on Nail Art  :

- Image Plate ( mine is Konad Nail Art image plate M57)
- Image Plate Holder ( it is not necessary but it makes your job easier)
- Scraper & Stamper ( Scrapper is not necessary but Stamper is necessary, because you can use any plastic cards, like loyalty cards, old bank cards, gift cards ) I sometimes use an old loyalty card instead of a scrapper and it works as well as scrapper.
- Nail Polish ( I use Konad Nail Polish ) Although buying Konad Nail Polish is not neccesary because you can use any nail polish you want, but if you want to thicken your nail polish and you want to get a good result, all you need is a cheap nail polish like Makeup Academy, NYC, ELF, Barry M, LA Colors etc and there is a powder called xatham gum, it is a natural product used in cooking for the people who are allergic to baking powders..
- Top Coat Nail Polish ( it is for protecting your design on your nails)

In these pictures I used OPI Russian Navy Matte

Konad Nail Polish White
Collection 2000 Top Coat

You might find it dificult to use it at first, you just need a bit practice than you will find it easier.
it was very difficult for me at first, I could not get the designs on the stamper, I was asking help from my hubby he was scrapping and stamping it for me Smile but after a bit stubborn practices. I learned it..
I still no expert but if I get the designs with shakey hands, you can do it as well.

One other thing I need to mention, you need to have a big patience!! seriously I mean it.












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