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Elf Liner and Shadow Review

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Once I saw this i thought oh this is a MAC Sharkskin Shade Stick like with a eye pencil so i purchased this without even thinking twice,

i waited a bit to receive this, it arrived a bit late, but when i opened the envelope i was a bit SAADDDDDDDD!!! my eye pencil and shadow was a bit damaged, i have send an email to ELF and tell them the problem, they ask me to send them pictures and they are convinced and i have been send a new one

I am not sure if i can not use this pen or is it really not working honestly it is as black as i want to but it is just making my eyes messy all of my lids under lids are dark black even when i touch my eyes accidentally my fingers get black too,

It is softer than most of the eye pencils but it just needs an improvement maybe waterproof?
i do not carry facial wipes with me so if i do not look into a mirror before i go out to do some stuff outside i will be waking like zombie, i do not carry facial wipes to clean or correct my make up and do it again..

it is just needs an improvement , so when it comes to the shade stick , i think it was broken when it arrived to ELF too, so it is not their fault but i am thinking how could smth in a pencil shape could be broken? it is just not a crystal or a glass,,

btw i forget to tell you that it also makes my lashes messed up, i am having difficulties wearing my mascara after applying this product

well the pictures are not nice but i will do better ones, i take these with mobile.


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