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L'Occitane Sublime Essence Review

I love L'Occitane, I loved most of the product I purchased, tried and tested from L'Occitane.

Only product I do not really enjoy using is Angelica Cleansing Gel, it is because of the smell.

Other than that I do not remember any other products that I complain about.

This Essence Sublime / Sublime Essence is one of their latest skin care series, I have reviewed their BB Cream here few months ago.

Now I can finally write my reviews on Sublime Essence, which was waiting in the queue for me to review.

As you know I always complain about the spots on my face, (not only my face, scattered on my whole body, I do not really care about the ones on my body, as I am the only person who sees them) as those spots are not sun spots or similar, it is harder to treat those spots. Those spot are called Café au lait spots  click the link to have more information about these spots.

L'Occitane Sublime Essence Review

L'occitane Sublime Essence - Essence Sublime is pink serum that helps your pores to go smaller, it reduce redness, it corrects unevenness.

This perfecting serum is made with organic extracts from two angelic flowers: white iris and angelica.

It smells really beautiful..

I first used this serum day and night before my moisturiser, I pump few drops on to my palms, and blend it in. I now changed this nights only.

I can clearly see that my pores are getting smaller around my cheeks, my spot especially on my forehead much more smaller than ever, and it is much lighter now.

I have used many brands, many treatments, many skin care products.. I am not saying the other brands I used did not helped, they helped my skin go smoother and my spots. But clearly this is the best I used for the last couple of years.

The only negative thing I can tell about this product is, it is not hydrating, and as it is a balm you need to take few pumps into your balms and blend it in. I would expect my my serum have a little bit hydrating factor in it. If I have oily skin and I do not feel the hydration and if you have dry skin it will make your skin dryer, so the best way to use it, mix it with a regular moisturiser. I find it easier to use that way.

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L'Occitane Sublime Essence Review - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY `