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Instead of giving family and friends over-packaged, calorific chocolate eggs this year, treat them to a tasty selection of Lush’s new bath products especially for Easter … much kinder to the waistline and the environment, as Lush ballistics and bubble bars are solid which means they are preservative and packaging free.  And to top it all off, Lush don’t test on animals, preferring instead to use them as inspiration … this year sees a seasonal collection of chicks, eggs, bunnies and even a little Easter donkey!


Donkeyotee bath ballistic

a cute, bright and sunny little Donkey shaped ballistic that is scented with the Charity Pot fragrance of ylang ylang, tagetes oil and geranium oil.  He’s made of bright colours, with bits of rice paper inside to look a little bit like a Mexican piƱata … perfect for any celebration and this one is for Easter!  Pop one in a ready run bath and watch him fizz around the tub in a swirl of colour, emitting his invigorating oils to clear and uplift the mindimage



Bunny Knot Wrap


the Lush Knot Wraps are an
ecological alternative to gift-wrap, which has meant we are
able to save 11.6 tonnes of waste per year. Choose this
adorable little Bunny version to wrap up all your Easter Lush
goodies, he looks especially cute wrapped around a Candy
Fluff ballistic egg … it’s incredibly easy to fold to create the
bunny effect and there’s even a carrot hidden somewhere on
the scarf!




Hippy Chick bath ballistic

… this chick was so popular last year, she’s back again
but in a different colour. Shaped like a little white bird, this one is a
citrus burst for the bathtub, fragranced with Lush’s popular Happy Hippy
scent of grapefruit, bergamot and frankincense oils. She’ll fly around
your tub leaving happiness in her wake and all those who bathe with her
thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.


Candy Fluff Egg bath ballistic egg

… for those who still want
their Easter egg fix, try this sweetie scented pink egg adorned with a candy
flowers. It’s like bathing in a bubbling mass of marshmallow, candy floss
and jelly bean scented water … you’ll get your sugar fix without anything
passing your lips!



And for an even bigger calorie free treat this Easter, choose Lush’s Happy Easter gift
(£9.95) … new for 2011, this gift is a 500g hollow egg, made up of two halves of bath ballistic
mix – one half uses the sweet Candy Fluff mix, the other is the uplifting Avobath mix. Inside this
giant ballistic egg, waiting to hatch is a little Hippy Chick ballistic. Once cracked, you can then
break bits off the outer shell and throw them into the tub for a really great soak. And this year
sees this fantastic Easter gift wrapped with a beautiful Knot-Wrap scarf, instead of
biodegradable cellophane



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