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What Skin Needs Hydrating Facial Serum

What Skin Needs Hydrating Facial Serum
I have been using this serum for good quite few weeks now,  I am no longer 20 so I do have first signs for ageing around my lip area. 
I never had deep lines but even small lines are getting on my nerves. 
Due to cold & flu I was unable to smell anything for weeks, my review was delayed for that reason. 
It smells really really nice, 
It has got Bergamot, Lemon & Citrus oil & extracts which gives us the beautiful smell

If you wonder why your skin will feel relaxed it has got Passiflora extracts, this is used to treat depression and sleep problems
I really enjoyed using the product, it definitely hydrated my skin much better than my regular heavy duty moisturizers.
I did not only use it as a moisturizer, I used with my Kryolan Supracolor foundations, MAC's Full Coverage foundation. 
I used day & night but using at night is better, as your body heals itself during sleep.
I do much prefer serums in oil forms, as they work much better, and does not really leave sticky feeling on my skin
I use 3-4 drops a day, 5 drops is too much, 4 drops will be enough for your face and neck area. 
Actually when I was having a cold / flu and in bed for almost 3 weeks, my skin was really bad, really dried out and this serum helped me a bit. 
Actually I am thinking of using a few drops of this serum when making my own cushion foundation :D 
Other than buying the oils in supermarkets buy this one. 
 I have purchased one of the oils from the drugstore but it didn't really help me. 
It has a non oily formula so for those who have got oily skin can also use. 
It absorbs by skin pretty much quickly and does not leave any oily substance on your skin.
I do massage it gently on my skin but I use my index & middle finger and pat it into my skin, or you can just try gently slapping to your skin, it will work wonders. 
What can i recommend to the younger generation who have oily skin is Don't do the same mistake I did when I was younger, loaded my skin with oily skin products for over 10 years, and it turned into combination skin type now at my late 30's it is pretty much normal to dry..  
At least make sure one of your product is for normal skin type. 
The time most of the toners contained alcohol in it, you can imagine how using a facial toner contains alcohol can dry out your skin over the years.
So listen to your noona and don't ruin your skin, if you have acne problems before trying out cosmetic products - drugstore- high street skincare, go and take an appointment from a dermatologist. 
I had only few acne on my skin but I looked after my skin with using organic handmade olive oil soaps
This is an Australian Brand 
* I have received this product for review purposes only, You are reading my honest reviews* 
They only have 4 products atm, if you want to buy you can buy the product through the link below 
What Skin Needs



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