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The Body Deli Almond Milk Cleanser Reviews

I must admit that their website is quite mouth watering, funny enough I am not that skincare addict. 
The Body Deli Almond Milk Cleanser became one of my favourite cleanser,  I have first tried this the night that I came back from visiting my parents, I was half asleep and thinking at it is like Lancome Galatéis, I pumped to a cotton pad and started to clean my face, and so I after going round few times until I am sure that my skin is clean, so ager that I directly went into bed .
What I did above was totally wrong, It was wrong because I should have read the labels first no matter how I sleepy I was, the right way of using this product is just applying directly to your skin, damping your fingers, gently massaging into your skin,  rinse well and dry your skin with a towel. 
Infact both ways cleansed my face but of course the first step is totally wrong, 
I like the soft feeling on my skin, it smells beautiful, (not on only this all The Body Deli products I have tried smells beautiful, as they are all fresh hand made using veggies and fruits ) 
Yes normally I am not a great fan of Organic Skincare & Makeup Products, it is because not all can satisfy my needs or my expectations.
I am older than most of the beauty bloggers who are at their 20's,when I started using makeup and skin care, there were not any organic skin care around.   So my skin is used to sort of Chemicals and do not really get on well with the today's organic products, of course logically thinking Organic Skin care is better we can find stuff in our fridge to use as a skin care product but they are not long lasting ( the ones that we can make at home not the ones you buy in the shop)
Oh yes it cleansed my face makeup but I need to go 2 rounds if I am wearing heavy face makeup like Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation 
If i wear no makeup I just cleanse it once.
It does not remove eye makeup well, so first clean up your eye makeup, and start cleaning up my your face..
It leaves your skin soft and hydrating
You can purchase their products through this link  http://www.thebodydeli.com/
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