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Realash Eye Lash Enhancer

This is the series one of Realash post.
You all know me and how I complain from my short lashes. I never had long beautiful, thick amazing lashes, and most of the mascaras not working on me because of their great big wand, and my lashes ultimately can not carry those thick mascaras and smudges..
I am hoping to have nicer lashes, oh I do not have any expectation like really long and thick lashes but I expect to have better lashes :)
You need to use it on clean eyes, remove all your makeup before you apply the product. 
Application is simple, apply it like an eyeliner. 

Active ingredients stimulate lashes to grow, inhibit their fall and make them look amazingly long, dark and strong.

To ensure complete safety, REALASH formula has been enriched with natural mango and papaya fruit extracts, bitter orange flowers extract and sabal palm leaves extract. Horsetail, flax and calamus extracts are a great source of vitamins E and C. These substances work synergistically to protect delicate skin around the eyes, making you look even more radiant.
Typically, eyelashes need 30 days to grow. The main problem is that most times mature eyelashes fall before new ones are fully grown and this causes a visually unpleasant effect. Engineered with innovative technology, REALASH helps your eyelashes grow faster and stronger. The density goes up, and your eyelashes look longer and fuller.
 It’s a simple concept, but the final results are amazing.
To achieve the best results it's recommended to use REALASH once a day, preferably in the evening after removing make-up. It should be applied to the upper eyelid at the roots of the lashes. One packet of this 3 ml serum is sufficient for a 4-5-month treatment. REALASH is easy to apply and you can easily do it yourself. One stroke and your eyelashes are conditioned so you can enjoy your new, glamorous look!
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