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Kneipp Passion Fruit Body Wash Reviews

Kneipp Papaya Body Wash Reviews

I have never seen a brand, where all the products I have tried are amazing than the other one. 
So for I have tried 3 bath salts, 1 massage oil, Bath Oils and body wash. 
All of them are amazing and the brand is a natural - organic brand. 
If you noticed these products are not called shower gels, they are more concentrated than a shower gel.
It smells really lovely. It really smells like passion fruit and It is like you cut passion fruits and put it into your bath tube. 
They are more expensive than drugstore alternatives but those worths spending money on it.

You can buy Kneipp Products +feelunique.com  or Graftons Beauty
These body washes are £4.45 
Graftons Beauty has a 3 for 2 deal on the Kneipp Bath Salts 
Feelunique has  Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection for £8.95
If you want to read my review on the May Chang  & Lemon Bath Oil Review click here 
The Set Includes
- Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath 20ml
Known for its balancing effects, this aroma intensive bath treatment helps to combat mental and physical fatigue. Through the relaxing effect of the Lavender herb, it is most helpful when you feel nervous or itching which could be a symptom of our over-stressed and overly-busy lives. 

- Kneipp Valerian & Hops Deep Sleep Herbal Bath 20ml
The best way to describe this herbal combination is “deep sleep.” For centuries, it has been known for its calming qualities. It can help to relieve nervous tension and improve your sleep. 

- Kneipp Eucalyptus Sinus Relief Herbal Bath 20ml
This highly concentrated bath treatment with aroma-intensive, essential eucalyptus oil from an evergreen tree, stimulates and helps relieve sinuses especially during cold and flu season. Use Eucalyptus when you feel feel a cold or flu coming. 

- Kneipp Enjoy Life Bath 20ml
Kneipp Enjoy Life Bath Is made with natural essential oils, improves mood, is refreshing & uplifting. With May Chang and Lemon. 

- Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue Herbal Bath 20ml
Kneipp Joint & Muscle Rescue Bath, with valuable active ingredients of the arnica blossom and aroma-intensive essential pine oils, is specially suited for use after physical activities.

- Kneipp Stress Free Mandarin & Orange Herbal Bath 20ml
Stressed? Soak away worries and be at ease with Kneipp® Stress Free Bath, containing natural Mandarin and Orange essential oils.


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