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Mania Mia AW2014 Collection Preview

I have been recently invited to preview Mania Mia's AW2014 Collection, Mania Mia is a small boutique in Fulham London, where you can find bits and pieces from designers like Charlotte Taylor, Danilo Gabrielli

This is one of my favourites :)

Very medieval top from Danilo Gabrielli

You can see Mediterranean taste & style. 

loved the collars 

I quite liked the store, it is very classy, very warm & cosy atmosphere. It is one of the rare stores that I can find clothing for my size, that actually fits on me like it's made for me, tailored, and also for my taste.

I am quite picky on everything, and when it comes to clothing, as because I am quite small & petite, I can find things for my taste and size. That is quite annoying when you like something but not finding something that actually fits.

Wandering around the shops, going into one store into another one not only time consuming & tiresome, it is quite annoying for me.

Most annoying shopping for me is SHOES, I am only size 2 sometimes size 1, trying to find shoes for my self is like so to speak like hell.

There were 2 bags that I fall in love with, and pity that I left the store without buying any of it. :(( but when I return back to London by mid November I will be visiting them and gonna buy few nice items.

These dresses are from Charlotte Taylor (above)

There are lots of nice bags hidden around the store, you got to look around to find those beauties.

Another gorgeous bag :))

I liked quite few items in the store, at that times I had no travel plans so I did not even think of buying one of the nice dresses or tops, or even the Karen Millen style coat.

But this just taught me that If I see something and liked it I need to get that item, you never know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

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