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What is The Mycrolator?

What is Mycrolator?

I have received an email about the Mycrolator yesterday, after reading and googling it a bit, I decided to share it with you.

The Mycrolator is a home beauty treatment, and it has got oils for specific skin types

Blemished skin: Oil serum to help to reduce small scars and acne marks
Dry skin: Oil serum to high maintain high moisture levels 
Sensitive skin: Oil serum to help soothe easily irritated skin 
Mature skin: Oil serum for helping to enhance, glow and hydrate the skin 
Anti-oxidant skincare: Oil serum to maintain general skin health

You can choose to oils for your skin type before you purchase the machine.

This is a long article but you will find all the information about this small home treatment.

The Mycrolator and filtered oil package is priced at £97.50 and is available www.blacketblanc.com 

Considering the price it is is still cheaper than the electronic face brushes. This is a skin treatment, everything comes in one package and you do not need to buy any extras on top of the package.

The MYCROLATOR Absorbing Beauty – More than Skin Deep

What is Mycrolator?

As the purse strings tighten, more and more of us are turning to affordable, home beauty treatments that still give amazing results.

When it comes to tackling ageing, scarred and blemished skin- it’s time to get Mycrolating!

BLACK et BLANC are a pharmaceutical company, who have developed products and devices for the beauty sector, based on the latest scientific research.

When a cream, lotion or oil is applied to the skin, only a small fraction of what is applied onto the skin actually gets absorbed. This is because it either evaporates, as in the case of essential oils, or is rubbed off - so the benefits can be limited. Even microscopic nano-particles, which are often the active agents in skin-care products, do not actually go beyond the surface of the skin. (Study carried out by University of Bath, 2012)

The MYCROLATOR is a certified medical device, developed by industry experts for the beauty sector. The first of its kind, the device is made in the UK specifically for facial use by both men and women, to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scars and blemishes. The device contains precision-engineered tiny micro-needles set in a specially designed handle. All of the components are medical grade.

The MYCROLATOR Skin Prep device is dabbed onto the skin. This painlessly creates micro-pockets in the uppermost layer of the skin where there are dead cells, called the Stratum Corneum. These micro-pockets dramatically increase the skin’s surface area, into which the supplied sterile oils are able to absorb and form what can be called 'micro-reservoirs'. These reservoirs allow the oils to be gradually absorbed into the skin and sustained for several hours. As a result, the beneficial effects are substantially improved.

With the new MYCROLATOR from BLACK et BLANC you can have the luxury of a micro-needle facial in the comfort of your home. Featuring two Mycrolators and 16 vials of natural oil specific to your skin needs, this is everything you need for hydrated and youthful skin, backed up by leading science.

The Best Oil Treatment for You 

What is Mycrolator?

BLACK et BLANC supply a range of filtered facial oil serums to be used exclusively with the MYCROLTOR device. These are cold pressed to give the purest oils and ensuring there is no degradaton to the active ingredients. The oils are blended and filtered through 5-micron pore pharmaceutical grade filters – about a twentieth of the width of a human hair. The oils are filled into vials in rooms where the air has been HEPA-filtered, to remove all possible bacterial and contaminants – standards far in excess of those used in the cosmetic industry. A number of oils are available for specific skin types:

Blemished skin: Oil serum to help to reduce small scars and acne marks Dry skin: Oil serum to high maintain high moisture levels Sensitive skin: Oil serum to help soothe easily irritated skin Mature skin: Oil serum for helping to enhance, glow and hydrate the skin Anti-oxidant skincare: Oil serum to maintain general skin health


What is Mycrolator?
What is Mycrolator?

For the best results, use the MYCROLATOR up to twice a week.

Mycrolating at night is recommended to achieve the best absorption. The process should be repeated regularly to  maintain healthy, nourished skin.


For subsequent uses, simply rinse the Mycrolator under warm water and shake dry before applying to the face.

Replace the cleansing solution in the cleansing jar each time the device is stored, and dispose of the device after six to eight uses. The Mycrolator MUST NOT be used directly on skin with active acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or raised moles or warts. Side-effects may include redness of the skin following use. If the irritation persists, stop using the device and oils immediately. Seek medical advice if necessary. This product combination has been dermatologically tested and has
been found to be safe and non-irritant. Do not use the Mycrolator with any other products or creams.


Q1. Does the device need to be sterile?

A. The regulatory authorities require any device that is designed to be invasive and single use only, to be sterile. The MYCROLATOR skin-prep device is designed to be re-used multiple times, by cleansing with a sanitizing solution between uses. It is not required to be sterile as it is not intended for invasive use and is suitable for use both in the clinic and in the home setting. The needles are 0.2mm or less, designed to perturb the surface of the skin and not cause deep penetration of the skin like other medical microneedles. Needle lengths above 0.3mm would be classified as single use sterile devices.

Q2. Why do people often use longer needles?

A. Longer needles are designed to pierce the skin and cause artificial controlled injury to the skin,
which leads to the bodies natural repair mechanisms being stimulated thus inducing the growth of
collagen. This is also known as collagen induction therapy. There are numerous clinical reports demonstrating the efficacy of the system and indeed such systems are used worldwide in skin clinics for that purpose. These are single use disposable devices with needles lengths generally exceeding 0.3mm. The Mycrolator on the other hand contains super-sharp medical grade stainless steel needles designed to perturb the upper-most layer of the skin creating micro-reservoirs of oil after application of the oil serum to the skin, thus ensuring enhanced residence time and enhanced absorption to maximize the beneficial effects of the natural oil serums.

Q3. Why 16 micro-needles on the Mycrolator?

A. More microneedles does not equate to a better product; in fact it is counterproductive. You may have read about the man lying on a bed of nails yet despite application of a lot of pressure he seems to be unaffected? However if you reduced those nails down to a few nails dotted around the bed it is unlikely the person would volunteer to sleep on the nails as they would pierce through his back (!). The reason is quite simply that the more nails, the greater the force required, as the weight is distributed amongst the large number of nails. The same holds true for microneedle application to the skin. The Mycrolator has been designed with both ergonomic and aesthetic consideration, as well as ease of use in a very gentle and effective way, allowing a high degree of control and precision of application of the device over delicate regions of the skin.

Q4. Can the device and oil serums be used anywhere other than the face?

A. Yes. However if the device is used elsewhere on the body it must not subsequently be used on the face, to avoid any contaminants being carried forward.

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