I am so sorry for not being updated my blog, as some of you know I was on a trip both business and pleasure. I had a chance to spend some lovely time with my niece, She is 9 months old now and when I last saw her she was 2 months old. She is a grown up little lady and who now can say Teyze (auntie) in Turkish. I am so proud of her and when I heard that she saw saying Teyze and I got into tears.


I also spend few days with my doggie son, he missed his mummy and mummy missed him :))

My sweetie pie with her auntie :))


This is Cesme..

I have been to Chios ( Khios, Hios) for a day, the plan was actually to spend some time on the 12 Greek Aegean Islands. Chios is known for their mastic gum.. Yumm delicious :)  They got everything with mastic, Mastic Skin Care products, mastic sweets, mastic halva's ( Mastic Halva is so delicious and I have never tasted halva with masticAs the trip was not planned before hand we just decided to go there all of a sudden none of us had enough euros to buy lots of stuff.  The fact all my credit cards got damaged did not helped as well :(  It is good for shopping only local products. For makeup addicts there is a store in town center where you can find all Apivita Products. There is another one by the airport road where you can buy all sorts of makeup but I seriously do not remember the name. Going to Chios for me is no different than walking by the Cesme, or Kusadasi shore, as most of the Greeks can speak Turkish, most of the brochures and menus are in Turkish. There is a big supermarket called Lidi or Lith, if you ever feel hungry there are lots of restaurants around the shore.

This is Cesme as well, you can the small boats infront of the houses. So lovely.


Also there is a store called Mastiha Shop, in town center where you can buy loukoum, sweets and all sorts of thing there, like hand made soaps, masks. Mastic Candies may not be tasty your taste as it is really different, but is definitely a good taste for Mediterranean.

This is Greece.

Some shop windows. 



This shop is in the town center in the bazaar.

Street view of the island


The Island is about 45 minutes from Cesme by ferry. Cesme is also 45 mints from Izmir by car.  If you have a Schengen visa / or if you are an EU Citizen it only costs 20 Euros return per person, if not you need to apply for a Schengen visa.

The Island is really cheap, especially eating out. Eat out some fish while you are there, Do not forget visit Rena to buy some nice and delicious Jams. :))

Btw do not return back without eating mastic ice cream :))

When someone says mastic (mastika) it always reminds me this song

I am putting two versions of this song, One is in Turkish and the other version is performed by a Japanese group, they are performing the Balkan version.

In Turkish version it says

Oh Oh Her Cigarette is Malbora
Oh Oh Oh Mastika Masika
I will buy my daughter a box of make up 
Let her to paint her self top to bottom ( referring makeup)
Oh oh oh Mastika Mastika
A bottle of Mastika ( mastika is a kind of alcohol, a type of ouzo and raki with mastic gum aroma)

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