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London Bloggers Meetup

London Bloggers Meetup

                                            Jesse and Jean-Luc

We had a small with up with London Beauty Blogger at the Book Club last night, Becky organised this event for us.

We had lovely nice time with Laura / http://www.lypsso.com/ Juliana http://buzzingtrends.wordpress.com/ Jo / http://www.patentpurplelife.com/ Our team leader Becky / http://www.biteablebeauty.com/ Martine Burford from Ruby Red Cosmetics and Jean-Luc & Jesse from Nuffnang.

Martine showed us her products and we had a chance to try and test out some of her products, I loved her rose body lotion, we also had a chance to talk about rose water, and I personally know how difficult  is to make pure rose water and rose oil, and how we can find it this much cheap in stores. As to make rose water you need to collect the roses in spring time (May) to be able to make pure rose water the easiest way is boiling method and you need at least 3 kgs of rose leaves and this would hardly make 1 litres. Most of the rose water we buy from the drugstore includes synthetic oils,  preservatives, glycerin etc.

We also received a bottle Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser, I admit I was so tried and sleepy when I arrived home after the meet up, as I live on the other side of London it takes a bit long time to travel, when I finally arrived home it was close to midnight, and the first thing came to my hand was the Reviving body cleanser, and it cleaned up my makeup completely expect my eye makeup, I cleaned it up with an eye makeup remover after I washed my face.

Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser

Ruby Red Intense Body Moisturiser

Ruby Red Intense Body Moisturiser

Ruby Red Smoothing Body Scrub

I love citrus (lemon, lime, bergamot, except orange, and mandarin)

I had a look at her website and find out these for you

REVIVING BODY CLEANSER – Lime, Mandarin, Coriander and Cedarwood – Energising and invigorating aroma of fresh Lime, sweet Red Mandarin peel, crushed Coriander and wild Cedarwood. 
-SMOOTHING BODY SCRUB – Mandarin, Lemon and Cedarwood With a natural aroma of Sweet Mandarin, Zesty Lemon and Bergamot and warmer undertones of wild Cedarwood. 
- SOOTHING SHEA SKIN CREAM – Lavender and Rosemary -
 HAIR OIL TREATMENT – Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang 
COOLING FOOT CREAM – Peppermint and Vitamin E 

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