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Crystal Clear Rollaway The Years Eye Serum Reviews

Crystal Clear Rollaway The Years Eye Serum Reviews

Crystal Clear Rollaway The Years Eye Serum Reviews

As being an insomniac from birth, I mostly suffer from under eye bags, and dark circles.
I find it difficult to fall a sleep and wake up from my sleep with any noise, does not matter big or small, after waking up from my beauty sleep, I literately go back to step 1.

I feel my self luck if I had a good night sleep. I remember the days, I used to drink spoons of passiflora to be able to sleep, that would normally put a tiger into sleep but for me nopes, when I drunk passiflora I used to be awake since early morning, after that time I dropped into sleep for a couple of hours.

As I am getting older, my eye bags and circles gets deeper and stronger,  We can't rewind time can we?
Also search for a good product started...

There are several factors that I really liked Crystal Clear's Eye Serum.

- I do not need to squeeze a bottle and use my fingers to tap the serum. I am heavy handed sometimes I squeeze more than I need, and finding it hard to blend, if I use more than I need, most of the eye serums left a bit oily feeling, and caused spots under my eyes, which I strictly hate it, as I would touch it constantly and make it bigger.

- I loved the idea of a roll on eye serum.  It has got small rolls on top of the bottle, you also massage to the specific area and there is little tiny button under the bottle you just click it and get the product out of the bottle. You will be saving not wasting the product.

- The bottle is really tiny, you can carry it in a jeans pocket or in any small bags.  As you know I am planning a 3 weeks holiday in May, that is one of the reasons that I can not post as much as I want to,  I am on constant shopping mode for my little niece.  (makeuptemple bought her tiny little bikinis, shoes, dresses, and a swimming suit, books, cd's) I have got few pictures of her on my twitter, you can see my little love on there..  in short words, I am going take this serum into my makeup bag that I will carry in my hand bag.  I divide my makeup bags into 3, all the liquids like foundations, nail polishes, toners,  liquid liners, will go into suitcase. Eye pencils, lipsticks, eye shadows, makeup brushes, blushers, etc go into my hand luggage.  I do not think that air port security will understand that it is an eye serum ( most of them are men) so I can easily get away with it.  When you fly, especially if it is an early plane, you will have more dark circles, in the plane dehydration, waking up so early, etc, You can apply it just before you land into your destination and you will look fresh..

- I generally apply it in the mornings, but I do touch up whenever I feel like I need it, sometimes I do apply it just before I do my makeup, I noticed that my concealer looks much better when I apply this serum just before my concealer.

-It does not create miracles, you just do not get rid of your dark circles and eye bags just like that but it improves it. It becomes less visible to other people.

- I can still see tiny bits of dark circles but I do have the habit of looking into the mirror and looking for spots, circles, acnes, dark circles, it is like I am the manager responsible from finding defects..  In a way this habit helped me to learn my skins condition, and I started to choose my skin care products more carefully and with less expectations. What I am trying to say is if you spend hours infront of mirror and look for blemishes, you will eventually find one, you will create one psychologically. When I was younger sure there was internet but internet was not that common for home users, so we used to believe the sales assistants, now at this age younger girls have to more opportunities, a big advantage like google.

- The eye serum is not as watery so liquid as traditional serums, but it is a kind of in between under eye cream and a serum, not so liquid not so solid.

There is no best skin care, it all depends on your needs and skin..

If you suffer from dark circles and eye bags, why not give this a try?

Have you ever used any Crystal Clear Skin Care products, what are your thoughts?

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