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Adel Sheep Placenta Tablets

What is sheep Placenta Tablets?
They are anti aging pills.

Who are they suitable for?

They are for everybody who is 16 and over (this is the fact that I always say a girl should start to use light  anti aging products by the age of 15, by this way you will be delaying your ageing, but it is another subject)

How do I take them?

You need take them every morning before breakfast.

Why Sheep Placenta?

If you have sleep problems.I am an heavy insomniac, I find it very difficult to go into sleep.
If you have fine lines (  do on my lip area)
Less break outs ( I do not have acne problems So I can not say anything about it )

The Ingredients

Adel describes this as
The Ingredients
We use the highest concentration of Sheep Placenta in the market – 50:1, which translates to 300mg of pure sheep placenta for every 15g of capsule. There are many products in the market which are using a much lower concentration.
There are some other brands which uses the same concentration as us, which is why we focus a little bit more on the side ingredients. Each capsule of ADEL contains 6 other different ingredients which complements and even catalyze the absorption of Sheep Placenta. These ingredients are Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Shark Liver Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Collagen and Aloe Vera Extracts. Each of these ingredients itself makes very good health foods and supplements. Our ADEL has all of them in one place.


The Results

I never expected a dramatic change, I used 1 weeks supply, but I am quite surprised with the results, ( I am a small size girl, so this is one of the reasons that I started to see the results quick) After 5 days of use, I went out for a coffee with a friend, she told me my skin looks great and fresh, she asked me what skin care I am using right now.

I told her that I am taking Sheep Placenta Tablets.

-First of almost, I slept like babies and I wake up feeling very energetic.
-I never crave for sweets, crisps or anything like that. (which is unusual for me I love crisps and I can not live without Chocó's)
-My sleeps were regular.
- I usually get tried easily, and this pills made me a bit hyper.. Actually I am hyper I am one of those who can not sit still, but I never get tried.
-  I did not have mood swings. ( umm a bit unusual for a Gemini girl )

Ok So How did I come across with Sheep Placenta?

I think one night I shouted on Twitter if anyone heard of Sheep Placenta mask. Got No reply so I went into sleep, The next day I find a msg on my Twitter from Vincent who is the nice gentleman provided me one week supply of sheep placenta. We exchanged emails and after 15 days I was convinced and decided to give it a go.
You might say yucks sheep placenta, you do not even taste of it. The only thing you can taste is a bit of oil, as it is oily, The pills are big (for me ofcourese) having problems swallowing it,  Yes I admit I feel like a bit nausea when I am taking the pill but I did not vomit, You won not vomit so do not worry about it, as it is sheep placenta it is not vegetarian, Good I am not a Veggie Smile


So I am still teasing Vincent that I do not even believe the results my self.
Ok My fine lines are not 100% gone, But they are not as deep as before, I inserted many photos down below, you can see them yourselves
I am sure you are looking forward to see the results …

Adel Sheep Placenta Pills are from Singapore, If you have questions buzz @WGstore on twitter, do not forget the mention my name @makeuptemple :)

Do you want me to give you a secret? I have seen the pictures on Adel's leaflets and Vincent just confessed me that the guy whose face is covered with Acne is himself :) I have seen his recent photo and the result was unbelievable, he told me he was just a regular Singaporean guy, who does not give importance to his skin care until he meets a girl! SO this is a kind of a When Harry Meets Sally! oopps No, When Vincent Meets Sally :)
If you want to buy or ask questions about it just buzz 
Just click Click away

(this is light not Photoshop!!!)

Best Photo of my lines Smile yeayy I am so happy.  In a couple of weeks time I will be shooting of to Turkey to visit a couple of friends and my lovely @egomix of twitter got engaged recently, and I am seriously looking forward to see their reactions,
Most possibly they will think I have gone under botox, Yes It is expected from me,
I love my beauty.

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